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Kassius Ohno Returns at NXT Tapings

At tonight’s WWE NXT Tapings, Kassius Ohno made his in-ring return after being absent for the past couple of tapings. According to our correspondents, Ohno looked to be “better than ever”.

As noted earlier, Kassius Ohno had heat in WWE developmental and was pulled from NXT TV tapings because officials wanted him to improve his physique. Ohno was removed from the NXT TV intro.

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  • Lucas Amato

    Yeah..!!!! KO is Back… We have to look if he loses weight… He has to debut in WWE..

    • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

      He’s the same. He didn’t lose any weight at all, and is perfectly fine the way he is. They’re just taking their heads out of their asses and finally letting him wrestle on NXT TV now, instead of NXT live shows. In fact, he started winning at live shows in tag matches and in singles matches too. So his “Heat” Is already almost gone and his debut will come soon since that heat had his WWE debut pushed back since he was supposed to debut at SummerSlam as Heyman’s “New Guy” Against Punk.

      • Lucas Amato

        Well.. its probably that he debute in NOC… interfering in Punk beating against Heyman…. It will be great it that happen.. Because that storyline need something like that happening..

  • tt2000

    he jobbed to luke harper in less than 5 minutes. i dont think his future is very bright on NXT

    • http://WWW.WrestleNewZ.com/ Bork Lazer Living Legend

      Well Luke Harper is being pushed with the Wyatt family now, so ohno losing to Harper doesn’t mean he’s a jobber or bring punished, they just wanted the Harper to look strong so they had him go over one of the top NXT stars to prove how tough the Wyatt family is.

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