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Spoiler: Major Changes to Survivor Series Match, New Match Added

– At Monday’s WWE Raw tapings in Birmingham, England, The Miz quit CM Punk’s Survivor Series team. Wade Barrett accepted Paul Heyman’s invitation to replace The Miz on Punk’s Survivor Series team later in the show.

– Also at the tapings, Vince McMahon made Vickie Guerrero book CM Punk vs. Ryback vs. John Cena in a Triple Threat for the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

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  • Jeff

    So punk and ryback working 2 matches I guess?I’m confused..

  • fu$k Cena

    WHY Does cena HAVE to be in this match there is not point… cena is boring and should just quit… cena has no place in this match. the wwe writers need to come up with something new fast and not just have cena be in the top spot.. it is really getting stupid.

    and yeah what two matches with cm punk that is strange.

  • Stryker9

    Dolph will leave Champ…………

  • RKO


  • Bestintheworld

    Vince McMahon always keeps his bitches happy

  • Lisa

    Lets go John Cena he is so sexy and should be champion for ever and ever i love him so much I jiz every time he comes on TV yummy :)

  • RCmaster305

    so after all that hype last week for team foley vs team punk they throw it away for a boring predictiable triple threath match? people allways bitch about tna but this was a 2010 TNA move in my book

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    People bitch about the booking, but all WWE’s trying to do is salvage their original plan (which was Cena vs. Punk at the last PPV) and still reconcile the storyline (Ryback gets a rematch because of getting screwed at the last PPV.) And for those asking, I believe Punk and Ryback will have the title match in lieu of the SS match. So Wade and Ziggler will join Team Ziggler along with Team Rhodes Scholars and ADR. Question is, who replaces Ryback on Team Foley? Orton, Kofi, Kane, DB… and now they need a 5th member. It won’t be Sheamus, as he’s probably going to get a rematch with Big Show.

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