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Spoiler: More on Jeff Hardy Missing the Impact Tapings

– As noted before, Jeff Hardy did not work the Tuesday night TNA Impact Wrestling tapings because he became ill and word going around was that he had a case of food poisoning.

Hardy was scheduled to be Garett Bischoff’s mystery partner in a main event against Gunner and his partner, Kurt Angle, on the March 8th show.

Instead, Eric Bischoff appeared at the end of the tapings and teased that the match would happen at Wednesday night’s tapings. TNA will likely tape the match on Wednesday night, if Hardy is able to perform, and insert it into the March 8th broadcast.

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  • Schoobie

    Translation: Jeff Hardy had the farts, didn’t want to rip-off WWE’s most engrossing angle

  • GunShark

    Everyone else seeing how hard they (Hogan & Bischoff) are trying to get Garett Bischoff over? First, they reveal Garett’s identity, and have him butt heads with his father. It didn’t work. Next, they added Hogan as his “trainer”. That didn’t get him over. Now, they are teaming him up with fan-favorite Jeff Hardy. Again, this will not get him over with fans.

    Hogan & Bischoff need to get it through their thick skulls, that no matter what they do, no one is going to buy into this kid. Time would be better spent pushing guys more deserving of the tv time, than this heat vacuum.

  • steven

    more like he was out his face on drugs

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