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Spoilers: Match for Next Week’s WWE Main Event & Hell in a Cell PPV

– At the WWE tapings in in Providence, RI, Booker T announced that Eve will defend her Divas Championship against Layla and Kaitlyn in a triple threat match at Hell in a Cell.

– Also announced at the tapings, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara & Randy Orton will face Prime Time Players & Alberto Del Rio on next week’s episode of WWE Main Event.

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  • rob

    Bathroom break

  • WooHoo! Divas Triple Threat. Im Excited!

  • peluchin

    flapp flapp flapp!

  • Rybork

    can’t believe i’m saying this, but for the first time in ages i will actually watch the divas match. Why? because they actually put some effort into the whole Kaitlyn attack storyline, they’ve actually given me a reason to watch the match and the divas that are involved.

    As for the 3 on 3 match. I’m really loving how the tag-team division is stepping up. There’s tag-teams everywhere and many of them need/deserve the tag-titles (Rey/Cara, Sandow/Rhodes, Prime Time Players), which makes the division exciting to watch. I mean they actually bother with all the tag-teams, giving them mic-time and storylines to work in even though they are not even competing for the titles. As for Orton and Del-Rio, i could care less about both of them. I will start caring about Orton when he turns heel, as for Del-Rio he desperately needs a gimmick change, he’s talented in the ring but i can’t help changing the channel everytime i see him and his bland gimmick.

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