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Spoiler: New Night of Champions Match

As noted earlier, the scheduled Night of Champions bout between Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose for the United States Championship is no longer listed on WWE.com.

WWE also published an article with predictions from the staff for each match, and there was no mention of the match. Ziggler and Ambrose will square off on tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown on Syfy.

In an updated to our earlier report, the match will be officially announced on tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown. Ziggler will face Ambrose on tonight’s show, with Vickie Guerrero stating that Ziggler will get a US title match at Night of Champions if he beats Ambrose. Ziggler went on to defeat Ambrose via DQ after The Shield interfered, prompting Vickie to make the title match for this Sunday.

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  • Mrs. Ambrose

    Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler = 5 Star Match.

    • xtremeattitude

      sorry to burst your bubble but
      ambrose is not good enough for that
      he is simply just decent in the ring

      • Mrs. Ambrose


      • Mrs. Ambrose

        He is an excellent wrestler and the future in the WWE.

        • SdotC

          Your mark-ness is showing lol. I watched a lot of his stuff pre-WWE. As for in the ring, he’s had some stellar matches, but not one of them is a Bret/Austin 5-star match. Saying he and Ziggler will have one is just being a fangirl. I’m not saying it won’t be a great match, but people in the IWC throw the term “5-star match” out way too freely, and it’s ironic because the IWC are the people who criticize every damn thing, yet when it’s “their guy”, it’s always “5-star match”… like, do you know how many people have called Cena/Bryan a 5-star classic? It wasn’t. It was a great match, but it wasn’t 5-star. Punk/Cena I was the last true 5-star match in WWE, imo. I give Cena/D-Bry 4 * tops. If Dean and Dolph were given 20-25min, they could probably deliver a solid 3 1/2 to 4-star match. 5-star matches are the kind of matches you talk about 10 years from now. Is anyone going to be talking about a US title match between two good workers that gets 10 MAYBE 15min? I highly doubt it. No 10min match will ever be a 5-star match by default anyway. The IWC throws the term “5-star match” out, be it indie marks or Puro marks, as if these matches happen all the time and they simply don’t.

          And if I didn’t get down-voted already, I certainly will for this little bit: I find Dolph and Dean to be A BIT overrated in the ring. Watch the way the Rock works, for example… while Ziggler has a lot of qualities that Rock never will, Rock mastered the psychology and timing, things like that which make even generic spots MEAN something in every match. IMO, and it’s just that, Dolph needs to work on being a bit more “economic” in how he wrestles. He needs to learn how to make the spots feel more important. His selling can be overdone, and he bumps way too much for the wrong guys. He sells a Miz clothesline like it’s Big Show, and that hurts him , and he needs to craft his psychology to be more meaningful. And Dean is kinda the opposite. He’s still better than most, but his potential is even higher, and he’s also selfish. Like when Bryan got the small package for the finish, he didn’t even feign trying to break out, or sometimes when he bumps, he’ll almost undersell the impact (watch for it). It hurts the psychology, and this is just an opinion, but it really seems like he’s just looking out for Dean, at the expense of the match, and the babyface he’s supposed to be making look good.

          I’m a really big fan of both guys. And I’m dying for WWE to let Ambrose cut real Moxley promos. I just feel that they both need refining, that they aren’t “there” just yet, though everyone seems to think they are. Butwhat really irks me is the “5-star match” thing. The IWC are so critical of everything, but whenever it’s their guys in the ring, they throw that term out there as if it happens every night but it really doesn’t.

          Not hating on them, just a fan trying to be nonobjective.

          • tmeister

            I get what you saying but i think people say 5 star match because people know they can pull it off, not everyone is automatically saying they will it just that they believe they could if wwe actually let them. If they actual had build the match up and dolph wasnt in dog house it “could” be 5 star just my opinion

          • Mrs. Ambrose


          • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

            They could pull off a 5 star match. Ambrose is an amazing performer, and he’s great in the ring. He’s a brawler mixed in with a wrestler so that’s probably why people label him “Not good enough for 5 star matches” Just cause he isn’t on par with Dragon in the ring or Punk in terms of Mic Skills. Ambrose COULD pull off a 5-star match with the right opponent,. People saying Ambrose undersells stuff? Ambrose sells everything perfectly. Just look at the look on his face and how he reacts, everythings looks painful. People can’t expect Ambrose to sell moves that doesn’t even look painful at all. Geeeez, i’ve no idea what those people been watching. He sells everything perfectly all the time he just doesn’t wanna sell moves that aren’t painful at all. And I myself wouldn’t either. And if say he and Ziggler were given 25 to 30 minutes I’m sure that match would be 4 to 5 stars. If you give them anymore time than that 5 stars is most definitely true. You give Ziggler 25 to 30 minutes or more in a match, he could be 5 stars with anyone who’s good enough to be in the ring with him, same as Ambrose. People just overreact just cause they’ve not seen any of their true potential, you watch Ambrose vs Rollins Iron match, Ambrose vs Punk, Moxley vs Dragon on the indies days and Ambrose vs Dragon in WWE on Raw you would actually understand that IF given more time, the matches these guys could pull off will be capable of earning a 5-stars match up. Bryan vs Cena earned a 5 stars cause of the way they put things together, sure Cena vs Punk had more put into it by kicking out of finishers, after finishers and pulling off some spots but Dragon vs Cena IMO was capable of receiving 5 stars due to what they did out there thanks to Bryan carrying him. Ambrose and Ziggler just need time. If given time with the right opponent THEY CAN pull it off. Whoever say so otherwise is just I don’t really know how to describe them.

          • SdotC

            I said Ambrose undersells, sometimes. Not “people”…ME. Watch the freaking Raw match with Daniel Bryan. Watch him during the finish, watch Bryan roll him up, and watch Ambrose just lay their instead of creating the illusion that he was trying to break out. That’s the same thing as when Hogan took a chokeslam from Taker in ’02 and just laid there like nothing happened. IT’S THE SAME THING. The only debating of that is by the biased IWC. I didn’t say he undersells because he’s not talented, I said he does it to make himself look good. A lot of people do that, and it wasn’t the first time Dean did it. But when you’re a heel, and you’re supposed to make a babyface look good, then you’re being a politician.

            And what I also said is that yes, they’re CAPABLE of a 5-star match, given the right amount of time, and the proper build so as to increase the drama of the match… that’s what made Punk/Cena I a 5-star classic… it wasn’t just the kicking out of finishers, it was the heat and raw emotion which created a psychological investment in us fans. It was all of the elements coming together to make it 5-stars. THAT’S why Dean and Dolph wouldn’t have had one. Because they would have gotten 10 minutes, with very little build into the match. Now, if they were to build this feud, make it seem very important, and have a blow-off match in like December, maybe a ladder match at TLC, I bet that would have the potential to be 5-stars. All I was really saying was that A) both guys still have some flaws they need to smooth out and that they’d be more capable of having a better match some time 6mo to a year down the road when they’ve reached their peaks as performers, and B) that the IWC throws around the term 5-star classic way too much just because there are some good workers. Even if Dolph/Dean was given 20min at NoC, I’d say there’s a 1 in 10 chance that it’s a 5-star match. 5-star means the kind of perfect match you never forget, like Michaels/Taker, or Savage/Steamboat. Yet the IWC label everything that has their favorites in it as a 5-star classic. In fact, name ONE Dolph Ziggler match and one Dean Ambrose match that have been legit 5-star classic moments in wrestling history. You can’t. I wasn’t dissing them, but the IWC gets so pissy any time you call one of their heroes anything less than perfect.

          • SdotC

            Sure, they’re capable of it, but I just HATE hearing that sh!t in the IWC. “Two of my favorites in the ring? 5-star classic!”…. very few matches are true 5-star matches. If they were given enough time, with a proper build which could influence the psychology of the match by adding layers to the storytelling, then they’re absolutely capable of it… but I just hate hearing that term thrown around. Especially considering that the IWC criticizes every single thing that involves someone who doesn’t fit into their typically-snobbish perception of what “real wrestling” is… I hate that term even more– “real” wrestling. But that’s another conversation…

            And of course, I give constructive, non-biased and fair criticism of two wrestlers I like very much and where I could see them needing improvement, but because I didn’t call them perfect (and I admitted that matches like Cena/Bryan weren’t 5-star legendary encounters), I got almost all down-votes. I swear, sometimes “smarks” act just like Cena fans lol

          • tmeister

            calm down lol but i get what u coming from and im not that type of fan like my favorite is kofi and i know kofi is not best on that roster and at times he can pull a good match and he’s needs a serious character make over. I think whats get me when the word “cm punk” is used in a negative way and everyone who’s a fan of him gets all crazy so i definitly know how you feel

          • SdotC

            Yeah I’m with you bro. And I’m calm… I don’t sweat any internet BS in the real world, I’m just trying to get my point across in hopes that SOMEONE will say “ya know, maybe that 5-star thing IS said too much”, or “maybe Dolph COULD improve in this area”, or whatever the convo is. But these people get so upset and they don’t even realize that they come across like they’re saying “how dare you criticize my perfect, god-like favorite!” lol.

            Kofi is great, definitely underrated. I think he should focus less on cool spots and more on the match overall, the psychology from start to finish. But he has very good timing and ring awareness… obv his promos and character need a lil work, and imo he was getting there during his feud with Orton, but a certain someone cut his legs off in the middle of the feud -__- …but I think that if WWE ever decides to finally pull the trigger and put the machine behind him, he could do something big. Maybe he goes after Del Rio. Oh and on that note, I like Van Dam, but I’ll be pissed if Del Rio beat Ziggler, and beat Christian, and then the belt ends up on over-the-hill RVD… I wanted Christian to beat ADR, but if he’s going to drop the belt now, I’d want it to be back to Ziggler, or to someone like Kofi. They coulda had Christian beat Del Rio then Sandow cash in and set up a Christian/Sandow feud, but for some reason, they blew it.

          • tmeister

            I felt the same way about christian should had won the title beside if rvd does win that just mean they letting shadow cash in on him. As far as dolph me personally im starting to think he’s better with a manger diva because thats the only time he became world champion and that was being pair with someone. Glad we feel the same about Kofi as well I was so piss when i found out randy stopped his push over something so little smh

          • SdotC

            I agree. I was heated that they dropped the ball with Ziggler, but I said to myself “If Christian gets that belt, and gets a couple months with it before Sandow cashes in, not only will I forgive them for Ziggler, but I’ll forgive them for Christian/Orton in 2011″. And with just a few video packages on Christian, he went from seeming like a filler opponent to someone who may actually get the win. They turned the “one more match” gimmick into a babyface thing, and they were telling you “Christian deserves this”. Come to find out, it was all just a way for Vince to try to get heat on Del Rio. -__- …If Cena hasn’t proved this to Vince, Del Rio should have– You can’t just get heat that way. It doesn’t work. I don’t want to pay to see RVD beat Del Rio now, especially with a lame storyline focused around Ricardo. It’s go-away heat, not I-wanna-watch-him-get-beat-up heat, like what Heyman has right now, for example. Because Paul actually gets it.

            As for Kofi… yeah that’s a real bummer. That was THE time to make Kofi a star. Even if he dropped it back to Orton 2 months later, it doesn’t matter, that’s not the point. The point is that the WWE told us “he can’t get it done”. And let’s face it, you saw the same footage I did… Randy stopped his push over NOTHING. >:(

          • tmeister

            Im starting to believe that the only reason christian even won the belt because vince was doing a favor for edge and after that he had no plans of putting the belt on him again which is a shame consider that christian doesnt seem to have much time left with the injuries he’s been getting.

            At this point wwe needs to ethier turn kofi heel or just release him cause im getting tired of seeing a guy who never got into trouble, who only got injury once, and pay his dues keeps winning mid-card titles and not giving atleast a push that can help get him over since he deserves better then that and Vince is being lazy to not try to change his character up with him returning would had been the best time for it. Like they could have it where at noc curtis axel gets pin leaving punk and heyman to there self when all of sudden Kofi comes out attack punk and aligns him self with Heyman which the storyline could be that kofi kept being over look and only Heyman saw talent in him when he kept beating axel even have him talk about how supposedly him and punk were good friends (even teamed up at one point) but never help him get to main event status like punk did thus you make kofi be heel, have a new paul heyman guy, and gave punk somebody better to feud with imo.

          • SdotC

            Part 1/2

            On Christian: It was exactly what you said. Vince just did it so he could get one more month and PPV out of Edge’s contract, and Christian was a way to do that, and to milk Edge’s retirement for a nice feel-good PPV moment. Vince is so out of touch that he didn’t think the fans would care, but when he saw the reaction to Orton’s victory on SD, he had no choice but to give Christian a month with the belt just to shut us up. It had nothing to do with how hard Christian has worked for all this time, or how much he deserves it. A lot of people (former writers as well as Meltzer and Keller) have said that Vince simply never saw Christian as a main event guy. But anyone with a brain could tell that in 2005, Christian was the man. He’d cut promos against Cena, the then-new Golden Boy, and he’d absolutely out-class him in every category, when all Vince saw him as was someone to get Cena over because he knows Christian is a smart worker who can get his opponent over properly… unless that opponent is Cena lol. He even had a bodyguard. There’s no reason he couldn’t have stolen a high-profile win or two. Instead, he’s shilling to HHH and being jobbed out to Cena and Batista. Why do you think he went to TNA? He said it blatantly on TNA TV, “I’m here to win the world title”, he knew it was his time and that he’d never get it. I think it was a double-edge sword because on one hand, Vince knew in bringing Christian back that at the very least he could carry a title like the ECW strap, but at the same time, everyone who comes back from TNA (or elsewhere) is “dirty” to Vince. It was the same with WCW. Even Jeff Hardy, who like him or not was THE most over babyface in wrestling circa 2008, and despite being small, having no mic skills, and being an incredibly risky person to put the machine behind, the people gave Vince no choice. And if you recall, when Jeff won the WWE title, they gave him like a 10minute fireworks spectacle on Smackdown,,, and he dropped it at the next PPV.

            Christian really deserved that win at Summerslam this year. Just like in 2011, he should have won it as a babyface from Orton at the May PPV, kept it by turning heel at MitB, then dropped it as Summerslam in a cage, setting up Orton/Henry. And this year, it was really heartbreaking. I knew Orton was cashing in on Bryan, and that’s fine, I’m glad they knew enough to put Bryan over Cena squeaky clean (unlike Punk =/), especially with the heel machine coming and Cena leaving, it was, no pun intended, the best move for business. But common sense should tell you that if they’re going to have this uber-heel faction dominating, holding every title, that the babyface should have went over in the WHC match that night. They beat Cena, Bryan and Punk… the 3 top faces, in one night. Yet Christian couldn’t even go over the guy holding the lesser belt, who’s supposed to be a heel but gets zero heat as a heel champ?! I actually like Del Rio, but I admit that he just isn’t gelling with the American way of being a heel or face. How many times has Cole said “we’re seeing a new, more vicious Del Rio”, at totally different points in his heel runs? He would have been better off just trying to perfect that smug yet somewhat-weak heel persona. But like I said, Summerslam absolutely should have been the night he was beat, and if it wasn’t Ziggler, it absolutely should have been Christian. Like I said, give him 3 months, have Sandow cash in, they have a blowoff and he puts Sandow over, then retires either then or at Mania. He’s more than earned it. But now what? They put it on Van Dam just to hand it over to Sandow because RVD isn’t full time? Or even worse, they keep it on him. And I was a HUGE RVD fan from 1998 to 2007, but he’s not in the place Christian is anymore.

            To be honest, I think Christian is better than Edge. Edge is a slightly better wrestler, with an exciting movepool, but that was totally made null and void imo the moment he settled on the spear as his finisher. I’m sorry, but I can’t buy Edge’s weak “sports entertainment” spear finishing off someone like the Big Show. It’s cool that he can hit anyone, at any time with it, and that’s probably why he made it his finisher because a lot of great finishers have that quality, but it’s just such a weak, fake-looking spear, and the guy had tons of great moves. To me, he’s just like HHH/Cena/Orton in that he’s someone that genuinely deserved the title, but not 10+ times! The only people who I let slide on that are Hogan and Flair. But it’s just like how schmucks like Khali and Swagger are ex-champs in that it would have never happened if there was only one world title. If they never split the championships up, there would be no (or at least very few) undeserved title runs over the past 10 years. Back to Edge and Christian, though I think Edge is more entertaining in the ring, and is a little better of a storyteller, Christian wins in every other category. Better face, better heel, in fact, let’s be honest, Edge never really got heat as a heel, which is why he wasn’t the best draw as a heel champ. Lita had the heat, Vicki had the heat, etc. Not that he’s the first heel to rely on a manager for heat, but on that note, I was just watching a Bobby Heenan video where he said the problem with divas replacing male managers is that there’s no blow-off, like how Hogan used to get him in a cage… you can’t have Cena maul Lita into a bloody heap in a cage (at least not on PG TV =p). Also, Christian just destroys Edge on the mic. Edge has delivered a few classic promos, but Christian knocked it out of the park every night. And as a heel, he could make you laugh with him, then show his @ss and make you laugh at him, get beat up and still keep his heat for next week’s show. Same as a babyface… he can get beat down for a month, but as long as he’s still in the main event spot, he stays over. But Edge was always protected. Babyface Edge NEVER went even 2 weeks without getting a receipt off on the heel. Vince protected Edge the same way as Orton, Cena and Batista. And my final comment on this comparison, is that IMO, Edge didn’t get better with time, but Christian did. Edge definitely evolved as a performer, but I’ll take a 2002 “Never Gonna Stop” face Edge over a 2010 face Edge saying “spear, spear, spear, spear, spear, spear, spear, spear, spear, spear…” for an entire promo. The Rated R thing worked at first, because he didn’t really work as the serious heel when he first turned, and it got him into that role, mostly because the heat on him and Lita was legit for a lot of fan, but by the time of Rated-RKO, and even worse, by the time Vicki replaced Lita, I’d stopped caring about Edge. On the other hand, Christian has consistently evolved and improved for his entire career. Both were green when they were in the Brood (who had the best entrance ever lol), and both sort of floundered when they first split, but as time progressed, Christian improved by leaps and bounds. If he was protected the way Vince’s favorites are protected, he’d be considered one of the best of this era, I believe that wholeheartedly.

          • tmeister

            Well dang lol the best way i can respond to that is that i agree with everything, i will add that with christian coming back i knew vince was mad cause of the fact that he was world champion at tna and at the time Vince didnt like pushing guys who had made the jump there then return which is y i feel that rvd wont win or have a long title reign after noc

          • SdotC

            LOL! Word, I always got that feeling too. Guys like Mr. Perfect were big, big stars, but when he came back in 2002, he was jobbing on the pre-Mania Heat. -__-

            Just finished my reply about Kofi… finally lol!

          • SdotC

            @tmeister305:disqus Part 2/2

            Sorry for ranting so much on Christian. I’ll try to get more to the point on Kofi but I’m passionate about these subjects.

            Up until that idea for a Punk/Kofi feud you just gave, which is really good btw, I would have said that I genuinely can’t see Kofi being a heel. But I’m sold on that idea. If Kofi turned up the intensity, stopped smiling so much (he could still be a smiley good guy when the booking calls for it, but not when he’s getting beaten down every week. At least it doesn’t come off as disingenuous like it does with Cena, but the fans just don’t want that right now, and he has to make it seem like HE cares so that the fans can care. So if he turned up the intensity, started being more serious character-wise, and it worked, it helped him get more over and he pulled it off well, like he did during the Orton feud, then I could see him tweaking that even more and going heel. But I wouldn’t want it to be a quick, random 180 turn, though the Punk/Heyman storyline is losing steam so fast that it looks like he’d have to (not that WWE will, this is all hypothetical, but still). Honestly, Axl is still pretty green, and he just can’t carry the load working with talents of that magnitude like Punk, Heyman and Lesnar. I thought they’d try to keep this going until Brock came back, which I suppose could be at NoC, and that WOULD be good heat, it might help Punk in the long run, but at the same time, they’ve invested so much into the promise that CM Punk finally gets his revenge and that we’ll have the blow-off at NoC that if Punk comes up short for any reason, it could actually hurt his face character. And likewise, they’ve reinforced the notion that this will be his night so much that not only does it look like he’s weak should he fail, but it’ll be next-to-impossible to try to draw money with the same promise at a later PPV. But yeah, theoretically, that Kofi turn would have been great. I also think Ryback would be a good Heyman guy, or Cesaro (Cesaro/Kofi >>>>> Cesaro/Swagger).

            As for a more realistic idea considering the timing, I think everyone can agree that Kofi needs his character tweaked if he’s going to stand any chance of getting over to the level he should be. And it just sucks that they didn’t pull the trigger when he feuded with Orton. That was HIS time, and had they done it, he could have lost it back in a month or two and it still would have radically changed the past few years of his career for the better. Like I said before, it’s not about giving him some long reign, it’s about reinforcing the idea in the fans’ minds that he CAN get it done. Because right now, the common fan does not see Kofi as someone who can win the big one. They’d put their money on Santino pulling out a shocker than they would Kofi overcoming adversity. And that SUCKS as a Kofi fan. Idk if it’s a race thing, where Vince can’t push a black guy unless he’s ripped like Big E or Lashley (and Kofi is 10x the performer Lashley was), or maybe it’s just that Kofi’s mic skills hold him back. The first reason makes sense when you look at guys like Shelton, who was a great athlete (though he had no personality). Hell, look at how long it took Mark Henry. Thankfully, he absolutely OWNED the latter part of 2011, and no one can ever take that away from him. And that promo he cut on Cena earlier this year was a truly legendary promo. The kind of promo that makes a “Greatest Ever” DVD. And let’s not even mention the hell they put Booker T through. It’s amazing… the two biggest babyfaces in the world circa ’02/03 were RVD and Booker T, and both were buried six feet under the oppressive boots of the game. Seriously, Booker was buried worse than anyone has ever been buried, and HHH’s excuse was that he needed the belt for his Goldberg feud, which didn’t start until Summerslam anyway, and he did NOT need the belt for his feud with Nash and HBK. Booker needed it. And by the time he got it, his momentum was cooled, and he didn’t get the big babyface run, instead he got a lame heel run. Booker is such a great entertainer that he made the King Booker gimmick get over like gold, but he deserved to have the title as “CAN. YOU. DIG. THAT.” Booker T… And R-Truth… COME ON! The dude was a star in TNA, which isn’t the big time, but it shows that he could be a star in WWE. Instead, they stick him with an almost crackhead-like lunatic gimmick where he’s paranoid, hears voice and talks to an imaginary child? WTF is that? The dude has one of the best move sets, is a unique worker, and even though he can’t rap, he can cut a good enough promo. He even made the Miz look good when they were a tag team LOL!

            In fairness, Kofi’s promo cutting could also be a reason, but what do you expect from a guy who’s been expected to do scripted promos from day one? He’s not a CM Punk in terms of having the guts to say “screw the script”, and I’m sure that hurts Kofi too… he’s too nice of a guy to say “F this, Vince, I’m a star and I should be treated like one”… in fact, if more people did that, the WWE would probably be making a lot more money. But anyway, Kofi came in with that stupid “Yaa mon!” Jamaican gimmick, then even when they moved past that, they stuck him with the equally-lame “come on guys, let’s do the right thing!” smiley good-guy BS… basically they’ve put him in a spot where, since the writers obviously don’t care enough, and Vince isn’t making them care about him, that if he doesn’t get in someone’s face about it, he’ll always be stuck in this position which makes character development impossible. And that’s a key part of getting over– the fans see you evolve, grow as a man, and that is directly parallel to them seeing you grow from an IC champ to a world champ. But it looks like he’s doomed to be stuck in limbo. Hopefully he becomes a little more involved in the backstage stuff, hell, even if he has to kiss a little @ss to make Vince take notice, I wouldn’t fault him for it. Every guy like him, smaller build, high-action, etc, that ever made it to the top, let’s face it, they got there by circumstance, because Vince isn’t likely going to just push someone that size to the World Title. Idk what changed between 2009 and now, because back then it really seemed like he was behind Kofi 100%… maybe it’s just that Kofi’s momentum cooled and Vince got into one of his little pet projects so he put Kofi to the side and I’m just overthinking it. Maybe once you get on one of the princes’ bad side (in this case, Orton), Vince stops liking you. But Kofi could REALLY go places if Vince just gave him the opportunity to evolve his character. When was the last time Kofi got to cut a 5min promo in the ring? How is he supposed to accomplish anything when his only mic time is a 30sec backstage pre-tape where he reads a script, then goes out and jobs to a mid-carder? UGH!

            Hopefully one day the office wakes up. If not, then hopefully Kofi wakes up. If he ever went to Ring of Honor, he’d be an excellent world champion for them, and that crowd would welcome him with open arms. I can’t say Kofi is my favorite active wrestler, but he’s easily one of the most underrated and overlooked, and he deserves much better.

          • tmeister

            Hey nothing wrong with that, your fan of christian so you should say why you like him haha. Again i really dont know how to top off your reply about kofi but your completely right and the whole push black stars im not saying wwe is rasict but i just believe they dont care about pushing them like earlier this year they was talking about having a top african american babyface like how rey is the top mexican babyface and the only wrestler i saw that was related to that news was about Big E getting a babyface push like serious u give big e the push instead of kofi who has been there longer? Seriously even if they do go for the push can you honestly see wwe giving him the wwe title strap giving how there hasnt been no black wwe champions and i actually starting to like big e but dang wwe way to screw kofi again like i really think kofi will better off at roh then the way wwe is. How is it that santino comes back and gets a huge pop by just being a comedy character who doesnt really wrestle while a returning kofi who wrestles but has lack of character doesnt get as much is beyond me which is y i lose faith in wwe sometimes like my top fav 5 right now is: 1. Kofi, 2. Cody, 3. Dolph, 4. the usos, 5. Big E and 3 of them got depush recently like really. See we need a anti-iwc group its nice to have a convo where you can be straight of real about the wrestlers you like.

          • SdotC

            I’m actually about to start an anti-IWC, and especially anti-Wrestlenewz WEBSITE, bro. Me and Y2J, whenever I get a hold of him. No BS “exclusives” written by these hacks, and if my readers think my articles suck, I’ll take the criticism. I’m not going to sign up with sponsors who require me to post X amount per month, forcing me to write uninspired garbage. And the day we turn into a Bleacher Report knockoff, I’ll close the site down lol.

            Yeah, idk if Vince is a blatant racist as much as it’s just that he’s programmed to look at white guys first, but then again, if you look like Big E Langston, Vince will push you even if you’re from Syria lol. And to be fair, plenty of white wrestlers are getting mishandled as well, but I wouldn’t call it even in terms of percents on the roster… What’s sad is that he probably says to himself “I have the ‘urban’ marked covered with Cena” lol! To be honest, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Triple H was a little racist, and I’m sure a lot of the suits like Kevin Dunn are sheltered upper-class kids who would cry if they had to drive through the projects.

            Just narrowing it down to 5 is kinda tough, I’d have to put some thought into it. My favorite is Punk, then I’d probably put the Shield at number 2 and Brock at 3… but I like a surprising mix from R-Truth to Ryback to Ziggler… I don’t just like one “type” of wrestler like most of the IWC does.

            I’ve got 2 for you: Top 5 overrated and underrated, and also, in your opinion, when did the WWE have the best roster? Keep it between 1 to 3 years.

          • SdotC

            Here’s mine:

            Overrated: 1) Miz…ugh, 2) Wyatt (don’t dislike him, just SO MUCH hype around him), 3) Swagger, 4) AJ Lee (same as Wyatt, but she’s really improved), 5) Dolph… he’s great, but he’s not top 3 imo so he’s overrated on a technicality. But these are off the top of my head and it’s late where I am, if I thought about it, this list would probably change.

            Underrated: 1) Kane/Show (tie), 2) Kofi, 3) Ryack 4) Cesaro– much better than Ryback, but also more popular in the IWC, 5) Ryder/Truth (tie)

            And my favorite roster… I’m gonna go with 2 years since it’s in the middle, and by that limit I’d definitely go with WM17 to 19. Not the best years, just the best roster… to think that in 2 years we had: Austin, Rock, HHH, HBK, Booker, Hogan, Hall, Nash, Brock, Taker, Kane, Flair, Show, Angle, Jericho, Eddie, RVD, DDP, Goldust, X-Pac, Billy Gunn, Taz, Raven, Mr. Perfect, Steiner, Shane O’Mac and tons more, with guys like Cena, Orton and Batista just coming up, a fun hardcore division, even a cruiserweight division with Rey, Kidman, Tajiri, etc, plus the Hardys, Dudleys, E&C, APA, WGTT, etc in the tag division, and Trish/Lita/Molly/Chyna/Victoria/Jazz/Ivory in the women’s division, and fine-@ss eye candy like Torrie lol… and remember, a 2002 Rock, Triple H, or Undertaker are wayyy better than their 2013 counterparts… My FAVORITE year for wrestling all around, including all companies was 1997, tho. Especially with WCW and ECW, but for just WWE I’d adjust that to WM13 to WM14, rather than January to December of ’97, because ’97 started off slow and didn’t pick up until Mania that year, but they were on fire going into next year’s in early January, with stuff like DX and Tyson vs Austin, the Outlaws vs Cactus and Chainsaw, Sable AND Sunny in their primes… ahhh, good times…

          • tmeister

            Thats whats up let me know when its gets all ready so i can be the first to sign up lol but yea i don’t think wwe racist but they really mishandle a lot of the wrestlers current employed.

            Top 5 overrated (in no order): Wyatt (he’s hasn’t done much beside cut great promos), Axel (i want to support him but he still has a lot of improvement to do) Brie Bella, Del rio (I used to be a fan and still a fan of his wrestling but no longer his character) and Santino (Yes I’m aware he can wrestle if wwe actually let him but his character is just you know)

            Top 5 underrated (in no order): Kofi, Dolph, Cesaro, cody, and alex riley

            As far as the best the roster from the last 3 years was 2010 cause you still had main event players like batista rising stars like john morrison and hey we even had ecw at time.

          • SdotC

            You’ll be the first to know.

            I can’t agree about the past 3 years’ roster, just because certain guys like Rock and HHH were so much better back then, and I’d rather have names like Austin and Angle (esp then) over the guys like Batista and Morrison any day. But hey, agree to disagree.

            Idk if I can call Dolph and Cesaro underrated bc I only talk to the IWC about wrestling, so I don’t know what the mainstream perception is, and everyone in the IWC (myself included) loves them. And I gotta say again, about Dolph being in my “overrated” section, the dude is still in my top 10 in WWE today for sure, but I can’t honestly put him at the top like most do. He’s improved A LOT, but this next year is really what’s gonna decide it fo rme. He REALLY needs to tone down the selling. He’s so good at it, but I don’t think a guy in a top spot should bump like a cruiserweight for mid-carders. He can bump for big stars like that, but not for EVERYONE like he does. And he needs a new finisher badly. I hate the Zig-Zag. I’d like to see him use the superkick more, and maybe a big top-rope move. His promos still need a little work too… A lot of guys were solid on the mic– HBK, Rock, Austin, etc, but ended up 5x better in a couple years. Like I said, I gotta see where he goes. I agree about Wyatt, for sure. Idk why the IWC pees their pants over him lol. I LIKE the dude, but I don’t LOVE him. He’s good in the ring and his promos are solid, but people act like he’s up there with the GOATs on the mic, and that’s just not true. He’s another guy that I need to give time, see what he does with the first year on the main roster. The only guy I make an exception for is Ambrose, bc between indies and esp FCW, the dude was godly on the mic. You hit the nail on the head about Santino.

            Also I want to point something out about your boy Kofi– why doesn’t anyone give him credit for his athletic ability? In terms of pure athletic ability, he’s in my top 3 current stars no question, with Dolph and Cesaro.

            Here’s another question– who are your top 10 active WWE stars all-around?

            Mine in order: Punk, Bryan, Lesnar, Ambrose, Jericho, Cesaro, Orton, Dolph, Kofi, Show.

            I wanted to put Show higher, but I just couldn’t put anyone else lower. He and Kofi are close but Kofi’s in his prime. Both are so underrated, but Show’s been underrated for 15 years. And I left Rock and Taker off since their status isn’t set in stone.

          • tmeister

            Because people say the exact same thing about kofi they care more about his character being bad then what he does in the ring and that he’s midcard for life smh.

            Top 10 for me is kind of hard but i will try in no order: Kofi, cody, punk, orton, bryan, cesaro, big e, Roman reigns, dolph, and seth Rollin

          • SdotC

            Yeah it’s ridiculous. Like I said, they need to ALLOW him to have character. So let’s give the guy no mic time, script his promos entirely, and give him absolutely no direction as a character, let alone direction for a feud or angle that he can sink his teeth into regardless of character, then let’s job him out every week because he hasn’t gotten any more over. -__-

            Good top 10. What about your worst? I can only think of 5 off the top of my head and it’s late over here, but mine in order are:

            Miz by a landslide, Swagger, Axel, Triple H, Del Rio. Honorable mention to Sin Cara because he never made the transition, he doesn’t have what he did in Mexico at all, but he’s pretty much gone anyway.

            I HATE the Miz. Fck that guy. His promos are the most overrated of all time, his catchphrase is awful(no pun intended) and he only has it because he’s a Rocky mark, not to mention the fact that he’s awful in the ring. I think his spike DDT is sick, but I just can’t buy the fact that the Miz could beat anyone in a real fight. I could whoop his ass in 30 seconds flat. I hate Swagger, too. They need to get him as far away from Cesaro as possible. I don’t really hate Axel, and I want to like him. Being Hennig’s kid, being with Paul E… it just isn’t working for me. Same with ADR, I want to like him, I do like him, he’s legit tough and if you’ve seen him in Mexico, he can work so much better than most people know, but for whatever reason, it just doesn’t work for me. As for HHH, I was a huge fan, but HHH in 2013 just sucks. The last great match he’ll ever have was at WM27. Hell in a Cell at 28 is super overrated, and he’s the one top guy on Earth who can make Brock Lesnar look bad. Not to mention him sabotaging Punk in ’11, and now, yeah he’s being a real jerk of a heel, but he’s trying to do it in this “cool” way that shows he’s still trying to be over. A heel Vince wouldn’t have told Orton “maybe you’re not the right guy” or refused to intervene, he’d have done everything he could to screw Bryan, and act like Orton never lost the next night on Raw. And he’d NEVER try to be the “cool bad guy boss”, he’d make you hate him as much as possible. HHH is being incredibly selfish by trying to stay over when his career is dead. If Miz and Swagger didn’t suck so bad, he’d be my #1 lol.

          • tmeister

            Actually I like the miz but not because of his promos but because he does hard work with promoting wwe but thats just me. HHH I can see where you coming from the only thing is i like his heel character cause at least he’s not acting like vince just like daniel bryan is not exactly acting like stone cold in the feud.

            top 5 worst: Sin cars (he needs to wrestle outside wwe) Del rio (I used to like him but not he is just plain out getting on my nerves as champion) Swagger, Axel (same as how you feel), and Ryback (im sorry but the way wwe made him turn heel and lost like 6 ppvs in a row just made me lost faith in him. maybe him being with paul would help but i dont know.)

          • SdotC

            I can’t ever like the Miz. I think he sucked as a heel, and he’s worse as a babyface. I feel like everything he does is contrived. Like when he was telling Daniel Bryan “where’s your charisma? If you’re going to be a WWE star, what’s your catchphrase going to be?”, that just shows me he doesn’t actually get it at all. And as I said, he’s the least believable wrestler in the ring. Sure he does a lot of things for the WWE, but that doesn’t imply he’s a good man, and people in the business seem to hate him. Cornette, for example, said all he’s ever heard about the Miz was that he’s an ahole. I agree that Sin Cara may just be unable to make that transition and should perhaps finish his career in Mexico, where he was making a lot of money. Del Rio has been shoved down our throats, and as a heel or face, he’s never once been allowed to just be himself, nor has he been allowed to show what he can really do in the ring. It’s a bit of a flop, but by no fault of his own.

            That can be said for Ryback, too. They absolutely murdered his character. When he turned heel, that NEEDED to be what turned him around, or he was finished. Instead, they fed him to Cena and made a big monster into a little coward. To be honest, I don’t know if the Heyman alliance will pan out how we all hoped. I believe Cesaro would be a better fit, but since they are going to go in this direction, they need to get away from the weird stuff they did last week and just let Heyman be a mouthpiece for Ryback’s destruction, nothing more or less. Even the fact that the focus is on Heyman and Punk is a mistake in the long run, as opposed to using Heyman to get Ryback over and it seems that’s what the plan is. It helped Punk get over when it was Lesnar with Heyman, but the further they continue this, the less value it has. The blowoff should have been NoC, with Punk moving on and Heyman joining up with Ryback independent of each other’s storylines. Plus, the blow-off will either hurt Punk or hurt Ryback, and both are counterproductive especially if the angle has began to run it’s course. Anyway, Heyman is the one with credentials, Ryback won’t do much to get heat for Paul, and any heat he does get will help Paul more than it helps himself, which is why they need to reverse roles in that aspect. But Ryback works hard for the company, and I don’t feel like his initial push was overkill because he’s spent years trying to get here and paid his dues, plus he’s genuinely in it to be a wrestler, not so he can open up other career options, and he genuinely seems like he wants to improve as much as he can, and give the best show he can. His ability to do so physically may be limited, but he’s a monster and doesn’t need too much technical skill as long as he can master the psychology. I think the IWC gives him way too hard a time just because he’s not what they typically like. We need the Dolph Zigglers AND the Rybacks, not just one or the other. Having both just expands what the company can offer it’s fans, so this notion that only the guys who are great mechanics should be pushed is wrong, IMO. I’m still on Team Ryback, even if our numbers are small.

          • tmeister

            Yea ryback has paid his dues and when he first came out with the gimmick I though he would be the next batista but it just seem like wwe made sure that he won’t be that top monster anytime soon and like u said the match with him and punk is ethier going to hurt punk or ryback and I think they will end the storyline at battleground with ryback on the losing end. Hopefully it does end cause a lot of people want punk in the main storyline.

          • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

            I agree, some people just need to calm down just for labeling two great workers who are wrestling together 5-stars equals apparently “Smarks” or whatever term they could think of. When they’re the one who took the term wrong and doesn’t understand it at all. Nor doesn’t understand a finish to a small package by Dragon at all, since the exact same finish happens in Bryan’s matches on the indies most of the time including the not creating a “Illusion” Of breaking out. Apparently that equals selfishness and a politician and looking out for themselves when it’s pre planned by both parties. And apparently if someone labels their “Heroes” It equals we thinking they’re perfect or whatever.

          • tmeister

            theres needs to be anti-IWC group where fans know when to not be smart lol

          • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

            I agree on most of what you say but apparently the guy who started all of this talk above me ^ Doesn’t understand anything at all, but overreacts to everything and calling people childish. In the end making himself look childish himself with overblown nonsensical comments like the above. But hey, it’s the internet, so nothing you could really do about it. But yeah, I seriously think people who overreacts and doesn’t understand any of the terms we use are just having fun in their own world trying to correct people over something they don’t understand at all. But yeah, enough of that gibberish talk since it’s just going to be more negative and bring forth more anger and will cause an awful storm you wouldn’t wanna get caught in. Especially on the internet too, which we all know never ends. Well, since I heard you watched some of Ambrose matches pre WWE days and in WWE under the FCW banner, which match have you seen from him that you thought were great, or capable of pulling off a 5-star match up if given more attention or time? Either FCW, WWE main roster days or back in the old indy days in any promotion he has wrestled for. Doesn’t matter if it’s Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE, CZW, his early days in FIP, or his short stint in Ring Of Honor.

          • SdotC

            Well apparently you’re being a bit childish, taking a comment a little too personally, and should have replied to me, since I’m the one you’re talking about, and I just so happen to be talking to TMeister in this very conversation. You’re either cowardly, or just stupid. Considering how disturbingly you just butchered the English language, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re just kinda stupid. “Nor doesn’t understand”… really? Is that even English? I understood your post, but damn, it was a struggle. But I wouldn’t even knock you for that if you didn’t come across so butt-hurt by my post, and if you didn’t try, even though you failed miserably, to condescend me. What’s so hard about A) explaining why you disagree like a man, rather than just saying someone is wrong without saying why, and B) not getting your panties in a bunch over someone’s opinion? Is that so hard? I guess it is for someone who thinks “Nor doesn’t understand” and all that other garbage you wrote actually constitutes as English. Had you handled that like an adult instead of attempting to condescend me in a way reminiscent of the way an 8-year-old would, I’d have had a real conversation with you instead of dissing you.

            I’m not the typical IWC guy. I enjoyed Rock vs Hogan just as much as Bryan vs Punk, and I think every different style of wrestling is equally great if done properly. I’m already sick of defending that one comment, so this is the last time I will: I got thumbed-down and negatively replied to because I gave constructive criticism. Hence the “treating your favorites like they’re perfect” comment. I didn’t knock either guy, I said I like both very much, and the only thing I even said about Dolph is that he’s still learning how to pace himself properly, and that he should stop selling so much for guys like the Miz. Against Ryback or Mark Henry, yeah, sell the sh!t out of that clothesline, but if you sell for the Miz that way, a guy who will never appear like a monster to anyone, all you’re doing is telling the fans that you’re easy to beat up. I’m SO sorry that I gave constructive criticism that I think would help Dolph transition to the top of the card. Moving on. I’ve seen plenty of Bryan matches, in WWE, RoH and DGUSA primarily, and are you insinuating that he specifically told Dean “make sure it looks like you didn’t even try to get out of the small package”? Maybe for a finisher, but a roll-up? Yeah, I have a little trouble believing that. There’s a great RVD shoot on Youtube where the specific topic is things that guys do in the ring to protect themselves, often at the expense of the other guy, that you wouldn’t even notice until that kind of thing is pointed out to you. I’ll try to find it for you, it’s quite insightful. And that isn’t the only instance of Dean’s work which comes across as selfish, but that was an insignificant part of the comment which was trying to prove a broader point. Moving on to the relevant point… yes, the typical IWC idiot DOES act as if every match between two solid workers is a 5-star match. “Daniel Bryan match? Must be 5-star!”. And the point I was trying to make is that there’s more to a 5-star match than just good “technical” wrestling. If there’s no psychology, just high spots and guys taking bumps, and there’s nothing there to make you feel emotionally invested, and that’s why most guys in places like CZW have to do ridiculous spots to get a good pop. There’s a difference between the crowd having fun, chanting “yes” or “Joe’s gonna kill you”, and the crowd being on the edge of their seat because they care on an emotional level. The chances of getting a 5-star match that way are very slim, not impossible, but very slim, no matter who’s in the ring. Oh and by the way, that’s just MY view. If you think Melina vs Alicia Fox is a 5* match, more power to ya… but I WILL call you stupid. And I’m not saying you need some convoluted “You stole my girlfriend” storyline to get that investment, but you need SOME reason to care about the outcome of the match, so you cheer even louder when your guy wins because you know that win DOES SOMETHING for them, that it mattered. Back when it was Savage and Steamboat, all you need was a championship (because the IC title meant more then than the WHC does now), and have the heel do something really dastardly to the babyface. Because back then, fans rarely said “wow, that guy is a great heel”, they said “wow, he’s a scumbag, I hope so-and-so beats him up and takes the title”. Is there ANY heat for the Ziggler/Ambrose match? Dolph’s momentum was squashed thanks to the office de-pushing him, and the Shield have a little heat, but they’re cool heels, not hated heels. Heat = emotional investment. Heat also = tickets sold (see: Punk/Heyman feud)… And furthermore, which I stated very clearly in my initial post, it’s also incredibly difficult, maybe even impossible to have a truly classic match in 10 minutes. And guess what? This Dolph/Dean match which has had little build and is on a PPV with 3+ more important matches… it isn’t going to get the 25 minutes that they’d need to have a classic match. So if you think I’m wrong by saying “give the feud a better build, let them get some real heat so people care, and give them a stage where they can have enough time to do the match properly, then maybe they can pull off a 5* match”, then idk what else to say to you, bro…

            …But I will again remind you to A) think about the totally reasonable explanation I just gave, B) don’t get all defensive and offended over some guy’s opinion, to the point where you feel the need to be condescending and insulting toward the guy, and C) take some classes on how to write in English. PEACE

          • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

            I don’t take negative comments from you seriously. I actually did replied to you but disqus removed my comment. Thanks for overreacting to all of these comments and calling other people stupid, and making fun of their english grammer. For a guy who called me out over something stupid is kinda dumb. And for you to call me out and say I’m acting like a 8 year old kid is kinda overblown. That’s a term from what you just said about comparing my comments to that of an 8 year old kid. So look who’s the one talking, I don’t see you handling anything like an adult, all I see you doing is just overreacting negatively yet again. For you to not understand any of the terms used by the so called “Smarks” and overreacting to one little comment made by Mrs Ambrose is just plain out right wrong. For one, you mistook the term, and the other is you constantly calling everyone Smarks or The IWC this, IWC That. For you to overreact with all of those nonsensical words yet again is abit overblown and childish. Yet I’m the one being called a child, right? Either way, I’m not really going to get into a pointless argument with you, nor anyone who doesn’t understand any of the terms used by anyone here but overreact with all of the comments above.

          • SdotC

            Not overreacting to anything. I’m very thorough and descriptive in the way I write, usually over-detailed and in long form. I can’t help it, it’s an OCD thing. The fact is you condescended me, were basically calling me stupid and giving absolutely no explanation for your perspective, yet clearly took offense to my OPINION on something that wasn’t even directed at you, talked trash about me for no reason rather than striking up a mature conversation with me(which you’re still doing to TMeister… and ironically, we’ve agreed on everything we’ve spoken to each other about, yet “apparently I don’t understand anything at all” -__-), and unlike this comment, which you actually wrote in English, your last one was barely legible, and coming from someone who’s calling me an idiot, I found that hilariously ironic. You don’t take comments from me to heart? Good, it’s the internet! But then why would you go around trashing me in the first place? Obviously my first comment bothered you, and again, you couldn’t even say “hey, I disagree with you. Think about this, that, and the third”, like a decent man would. No, instead you chose to write to someone else about how stupid I am. Poking fun at your first grade writing skills is hardly immature if it isn’t done with malice, especially in comparison to going around and talking trash to other people like that same first grader passing notes in class. And even IF you did try writing to me and your comment was mysteriously deleted (it probably wasn’t, it was probably pending and you didn’t realize you just had to click “edit”), I still would have been able to read it through my e-mail. AND even if you did that, you STILL started with me for no reason, did it with no attempt to have an actual conversation, and the rest of what I said in this message still has 100% merit. Feel however you want, tell yourself (and apparently others) how “wrong” I am as much as you want, but YOU are the one who failed to be a man from the start. And therefore, I’m not going to honor any further debate with you. So you go on reassuring yourself, and bashing me, because you’re the kind of person that there just isn’t any getting through to… I’m going to sleep. And tomorrow, I’m going to work, and forgetting all about this stupid conversation that you didn’t need to start in the first place.

          • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

            First of all, I replied one time, then you replied to me, and then I replied the second time but my comment got removed apparently so you never got the comment. And I did push edit so don’t even think about saying it didn’t get deleted at all. So I actually was trying to strike up a mature conversation, but you failed to realize that again and overreacted to it with your negative comments towards me. I even wrote it back to you that my comment was removed right after you overreacted again towards me and said I wasn’t mature enough or whatever to strike up a conversation like an adult but acts like an 8 year old kid. And making fun of me by saying “Be a man” Over something as stupidly retarded as this. And also trying to defend every single thing you’ve said thus far. I never ONCE did talk any crap about YOU. You just overreacted yet again and started going on a rant and started to call me names and such. While I just tried to be matured about things and just trying to proof my point. But YOU took it far too serious and brought up my english grammer, called me stupid, childish and an a 8 year old kid with 1st grade grammer and not a man and made fun of me nonstop as a reaction to my comments even to the point of sarcasm with the whole apparently Me thinking Melina Vs Alicia Fox is a 5 stars match? And talked more crap about me and overreacting to everything. I never even once talked to anyone and said you’re wrong, all I said to that person was that you didn’t understand what that person meant when using the terms 5-stars and kept arguing about it and saying IWC over and over again and than using the words smark or whatever else. And than proceeded to start with the name calling over and over again to me. That’s when I replied to that person above again and told him that you didn’t understand anything about the term 5-stars that was used but kept arguing about it to the point of calling me childish. IT WAS a mutual discussion. He said something about the subject and I just replied to him about it and gaved my honest thoughts about it. So yeah. And second of all, your not overreacting to anything? And I started all of this? Dude I don’t even know what you’ve been reading cause from the get go you were arguing with all of us nonstop and labeling everything “IWC” In all of your post. So look who’s talking. Read all of your comments to everyone who just voiced their opinions. You took them wrong and started saying “IWC this, IWC that, were smarks” And other stuff, and your next response to me calling me all of those names, I’m immature and comparing me to that of an 8 year old in a response? And making fun of my grammer and calling me stupid among other things isn’t overreacting to my response, right? Get a grip before you decide to talk, because most of the shi* you try to argue about is pointless such as the 5 stars ordeal. You took the term WRONG and started going on a crazy rant towards everyone without understanding a thing, and did I by any chance bashed you or say anything about “Not understanding anything at all”? To your conversation with Tmeister? NO. I said I agree with what he said about calming down and than I just added the guy doesn’t understand anything at all (used in a term of what you were arguing about in the terms of 5-stars nonstop.) Once again you overreacted on your part about what i’ve just said. So for you to bring up this whole “Immature” Thing is kinda off. And by no means I poked fun at your first comment at all, you take things waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously. All I was saying is that you and the rest who I’ve heard said the same shi* on some other websites said the same exact thing you say. And than overreacting to a response that was actually trying to proof our points about YOU using the term “Smarks” And IWC consistently without even getting the term “5 stars” that was used by Mrs Ambrose. Let’s say for example i’ll use Chris Hero since he’s one of my all time favorites. “Oh hey, look! Kassius Ohno Aka Chris Hero finally debuted! OMG! And he’s starting off in a fued against his good ol’ buddy C.M Punk? As Heyman’s newest guy? YES! 5 stars match up there! ” Does that equals a 5 stars match up instantaneously? Just cause two great performers who are the IWC “Heroes” as you called it. NO. It doesn’t, you took the term too far and started saying bullshi* towards other people like myself. The “IWC” as you like to always use doesn’t label matches 5 stars without a reason, you know why? Because they see potential in it being an 5-stars match up. Doesn’t mean that a 10 minute match up that they’ll be given equals 5-stars. Cause they see two great in ring performers who aren’t overrated by any means at all. who are more than capable of pulling off a 5-stars match. However, you took the term wrong and instantly started calling everyone “Smarks” And or say we all sometime acts like Cena fans. When you just took the term wrong and started saying “IWC this, IWC that.” over and over again. So you actually need to understand the term before you decide to say more nonsensical crap and labeling everyone all of those things or making fun of their english grammer all day. I may be asian and is probably stupid than most asians are but yeah… My grammer and english doesn’t need to be made fun of or being called stupid. Either way, this isn’t the first time either. But yeah… Not everyone is perfect and certainly the wrestlers aren’t perfect either. If you wanna continue your rant towards me over grammer and deny your overreacting nonstop than continue to do so. I’m not no grammer police, and certainly ain’t no 8 year old kid either. So if you wanna continue to spit more of your shi* at me than go right ahead, I’m through trying to be mature about things, you just took things way too seriously and started overreacting towards everything and started calling me immature, a kid and not a adult and a first grader. Jeeez I know you’re friends with Y2J, and he likes to go off sometimes and correct people but he at least knows his mistakes and I know mines too and he actually understands my point of view instead of overreacting. I’m friends with him too and he knows who I am and asked me several times to come back to the wrestling dirt-sheets and join in with him on his projects including that site of his that he wanted me to write for but it’s stuff like this that made me leave in the first place. It’s probably no secret either, that this IS B-Dazzle. And I decided to hang around in the shadows on this account of mines since my B-Dazzle account is being stalked by the staff here of Wrestlenewz.com so I just decided to fill in as a new alias just so all of the stalking would stop from them. So yeah, I could understand how you talk and stuff but you took things too seriously over one little comment made by several individuals. But yeah, enough is enough. I will not be arguing over something as pointless and stupid as this, especially an internet argument that could never be won fairly without taking backlash from it or causing anymore problems. So I’m finished here and I won’t be arguing about this matter anymore, I’ve already wasted enough time just trying to talk through this but I guess things will always be like this on the internet, especially on the dirt-sheets. So yeah, have a goodnight and peace out. I’m done with the dirt-sheets and will probably never try to get into some sort of verbal conflict here again, or ever comment here again so yeah, take care to everyone and have a goodnight and have fun chit chatting about everything and I hope everyone have a good time watching Night Of Champions and actually following this story-line in the WWE throughly and actually understand what they’re going for and be happy with it.

          • tmeister

            Hey hey hey lets just agree to disagree we are acting like iwc now and thats not who we are we are the anti-iwc

          • SdotC

            I apologize if I gave you a hard time. You’ve given me one before, and since I DIDN’T SEE a direct reply to me, and stumbled upon a comment from you by chance, which was you basically running me down to someone I get alone with very well, in a VERY condescending way… guess what, yeah I took offense to that. You came across incredibly smug, stuck-up, rude and condescending, and it doesn’t make a difference whether you call someone names or just treat them like they’re inferior. “I don’t take comments from YOU seriously”… yeah, that’s no better than anything I said, pal. But I can be a man and admit that I could’ve been more mature about the way I approached you. I could also defend myself by elaborating much further on what I don’t like about how you came at me or how you talked about me, but this isn’t about justifying the way I approached you, it’s about admitting to the negativity on my side, so I’m not going to dig any further at you. Let’s just leave it there, and if you want to be treated like a man by me in the future, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re sure you’re doing the same for me.

          • tmeister

            Hey hey hey lets just agree to disagree we are acting like iwc now and thats not who we are we are the anti-iwc you know lol

      • tmeister

        Well we know somebody didnt watch him outside of wwe lol

        • Maddox

          He was never a fantastic wrestler, He had good mic skills,Character and relied too much on bloody brawling back in the indies. Stop trying to make it look he was like Daniel Bryan or Aries back in the indies

          • tmeister

            did i say he was like daniel bryan
            Dean Ambrose response: Nope

          • Maddox

            Well he was simply just decent in the ring before the WWE,Just like the guy you were replying to said

          • tmeister

            Im not saying hes amazing im saying he can go in the ring, when i watch his match with punk at fcw i was like okay he pretty good thats all

      • Maddox

        I don’t know why people seem to think he was an amazing wrestler back in the indies when he never was

        • Mrs. Ambrose

          I might get a lot of heat for saying this but i think that he is excellent in the ring and can be either a WWE or World Heavyweight Champion one day.

          • Maddox

            Am not trying to say he can’t be a world champ, He has all the tools to be one. Am just saying wrestle skills, He can be compared to Aries,Punk,Bryan,Cesaro and over indie darlings. He was known more for his brawling style back in CZW

      • Devon

        Ambrose is amazing on the MIC and a good in ring worker. John Cena is a decent in ring worker

  • Shell

    >Ziggler vs. Ambrose for US Championship

  • mrlaw

    I see the other two members of the Shield jumping in as always.. I like the Shield and all but they really need to start banning the other members in Dean’s matches.. How can we see how great he is if they never allow him to win?

  • Macho Man

    Question, is it really a new match if it was already a match before it wasn’t a match prior to it being a match? Is there anybody left in the WWE Creative Department or is it on autopilot?

  • Thorbeard

    There’s no way they’re going to take any titles off the shield until this whole “New corportion” story line is almost over. Count on a dirty win for Ambrose

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