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Spoiler: NXT Star Makes His Main Roster Debut At Tonight’s WWE SmackDown Taping

WWE Smackdown
NXT star Tyler Breeze made his main roster debut at the WWE SmackDown TV tapings in a Miz TV segment with Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae. During the segment, Ziggler claims he is done with Rae. This led to Rae saying that she doesn’t need him because she has a new man.

That’s when she introduced Tyler Breeze. Breeze walked out to the ring and cut a promo and then proceeded to attack Ziggler.

UPDATE: WWE spoiled the news on their own twitter account.

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  • Michael King


  • wweww

    He should have debuted Sunday and taken the US Title to make a statement and elevate him to another level. Similar to Owens.

    • blove112

      Why? It doesn’t make any sense for him to do that. It wouldn’t be at all believable to write Cena off tv after a loss to breeze.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Just another Fandango in the making.

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