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Spoiler on TNA’s World Heavyweight Title Plans

– As seen on last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling, AJ Styles “walked out” of the company with the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

On next Thursday’s Halloween show, Dixie Carter will announce an eight-man tournament to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion. The tournament will begin November 7th and will feature Austin Aries, Chris Sabin, Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, James Storm and Magnus.

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  • Junaid

    WOW. Now that’s what I call copying angles. What’ll be next? Another champion before AJ returns with the title and a Champ vs Champ match for Undisputed title similar to Cena vs Punk at 2011?

    • Stevewiser

      Followed by a record breaking title reign.

      • Tsall13

        He will hold it for 435 days just so they can say they never copied WWE fully

    • Lara_P1

      youre acting as if storylines arent copied or rehashed by WWE. Dude, storylines are all recycled and repackaged. what TNA is doing, storyline wise isnt original but dont pretend that WWE’s main storyline hasnt been done in the past either. just saying.

      • [B]ANExx

        Thing is – this isn’t a rehash, it is a carbon copy, with the names changed, so far.

        That COULD change, but if they do it EXACTLY like Summer of Punk II that would be lame – at least when WWE did it it was the same angle with the same guy – exactly the same thing Punk did with ROH, hell he even recycled some of his old promo material!!

        • Lara_P1

          agreed. im just tired of: TNA does something and its bad…WWE does the same thing and its awesome. I’m a fan of both organizations and am unbiased. if WWE or TNA do something good or bad, i judge them equally.

        • Eric Chism

          Of course angles are recycled, but the idea is to take something old and make it fresh. This is not fresh nor is it old. It just happened. This is a straight up rip off. It isn’t even a copy. TNA’s creative is beyond lame right now. AJ Styles is awesome. He is the main reason I keep watching Impact every week. But this storyline is not awesome. It was awesome when Punk did it. As great as AJ is in the ring, he is not CM Punk with the mic in his hand.

      • jcice13

        you are exactly right, but come on now, TNA stealing the exact storylines from the WWE AS they are still going on??? it’s just embarrassing to see how badly they are just doing exactly what WWE is doing

    • Eli Myers

      yeah pretty much and AJ will face probably Bully Ray because i’m guessing he will take Kurt’s spot in the bracket. then the winner and AJ will fight for the Undisputed title at Sacrifice.

  • mika009

    I love it when people complain about angles being copied. How long has wrestling been on tv? Lets just say in the early 1980s when wrestling got big is when the soap opera type storylines started getting big. That’s 30 plus years of national and regional wrestling on tv. Every idea has been copied, stolen or re-written. Why even take the time to say they copied this or that.

    • JH

      Yeah, but usually it’s just drawing on former angles for inspiration, and typically they’re not so fresh when they’re copied, punk’s walkout happened literally 2 years ago, and this is like the exact same thing.

      • mika009

        Like when AJ Styles was in a supposed love affair with Dixie and whoever else it was, then a month or so later WWE has AJ Lee in a three or four way love affair thing. And what wrestling are you watching where 2 years is fresh? I don’t remember what happened 2 ppv’s ago much less 2 years.

        • JH

          On such a hot storyline like punk’s? 2 years is pretty fresh.

          And the AJ/Dixie love affair had a terrible payoff that was nothing like AJ/Punk/Bryan love triangle, but I’m pretty sure that one started a couple months before the Dixie/AJ affair. AJ Lee was certainly being prominently featured in Daniel Bryan’s angles long before then.

          • mika009

            It’s just kind of sad that people still bring up that hot storyline after 2 years. Sad because nothing has really happened since then that’s close to being that big. Also sad because they screwed it up. Not sure on the times of the affair angles, I just know I saw a video clip of AJ Styles saying something to the effect of WWE copying his angle. I didn’t really care for either one of them.

  • Zacholyte

    Should have just put it on EC3. Would draw great heat and skyrocket him as a leading heel.

  • Z….

    something tells me this is going to be exactly the storyline Hogan has talked about wanting to do in WCW in many interviews and in his book. Eventually, AJ comes back saying he is the real champion, and then they have a match, likely going to be Aries vs AJ, to determine the “real” World Champion. If this happens, I will legit laugh ridiculously hard

  • David Mrkeepitreal Cain

    @Junaid i agree TNA wants to be like wwe so bad you got Bully Ray doing the RKO aka Diamond cutter and where is the TV title haven’t seen that in a while

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