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Spoiler: Superstar Turns Babyface at SmackDown Tapings

As noted in our SmackDown spoilers, CM Punk defeated Big E Langston in a match that will air this Friday night, however some minor details were not mentioned in our initial report.

Apparently after the match was over, Paul Heyman, Curtis Axel and Ryback confronted Punk. After Heyman and Punk had some words, The Heyman Guys then attacked Punk. Langston then turned babyface and saved Punk. Langston also then took out Axel, which may be a setup to a possible match between the two at Hell in a Cell.

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  • Zacholyte

    I like it!

  • Tyler Drummond

    PLEASE let this be true. Hey, they did say the reason Langston wasnt doing much was because of Cenas absence and now hes returning. I am huge Big E Langston fan and think he can be a huge star. Hopefully he can use his Five Count Gimmick again now that he has gone face and putting the IC Title on him now would be perfect. Fresh face, babyface wins from heel, Axel has gotten stale.

    • Luis Malaret

      Yeah. Cena was like the ONLY backer to Big E. So when he got injured, Big E became a ghost or a jobber to push babyfaces. But now with Cena returning, Big E will finally be used again but as a face now. I too hope his 5 count gimmick from NXT returns with him, But I also can’t wait for Xavier Woods (aka TNA’s Creed) to debut soon since his name was heard A LOT on RAW.

  • james

    What’s with Curtis Axel and African-Americans?
    First Kofi in NOC
    then R-Truth in battleground
    and Now Big E Langston
    This guy needs to be managed by Zeb Colter, not Heyman!

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      So apparently Axel’s character isn’t a fan of… the black people. I wonder if he wants to make Jesus tap out, too?

  • xXwindsofchangeXx


    • Mohamed Abdo

      Just give me more xD .

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    When I first saw Big E Langston, I thought, “Just another guy with muscles.” Then I saw his powerlifting numbers and thought, “At least he’s a guy with muscles that aren’t just there for show.” But now I’m pretty high on him.

    WWE needs to be much more careful with this guy than they were Ryback – especially because I believe Big E’s upside is higher than Ryback’s. The problem with guys with impressive physiques in WWE is that WWE falls victim to the temptation of pushing them much too fast. If they slow things down just enough for Big E to find his style, especially on the mic, he’s a guy that can get over. Big E’s got a gift for being funny without trying extremely hard to be funny. It’s a strange combination – he’s obviously got a physique that would play well as a monster heel, but I feel like he’s just too naturally goofy to do that role extremely well.

    For those of you into this sort of thing, I’d recommend Big E’s twitter profile for a good laugh every so often. He interacts with fans and riffs off their tweets to him all the time and it’s very entertaining. He’s got a grasp of how to use social media to build his following. If he can bottle that same humor and personality into his promos and not be so stilted and awkward, I think he’ll turn into a fan favorite. Potential-wise, I think he’s got a lot of the strengths of Bobby Lashley and potentially fewer of the weaknesses.

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