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Spoilers: TNA Impact Tapings – 9/5/2013

– TNA taped the September 5th episode of Impact Wrestling last night in Cleveland. Here are full spoilers:

* Eric Young beat Jay Bradley

* Mickie James comes out but ODB attacks her and they brawl.

* Knux beat Chris Sabin by DQ after Sabin got caught using a hammer that Knux originally brought in the ring.

* AJ Styles wins a Gauntlet Match.

* Gunner and James Storm come out but Aces & 8s attack them. A tag team match is made and Aces get the win after using a weapon while the referee wasn’t looking.

* AJ Styles comes out and picks his opponent for No Surrender – Austin Aries. Magnus vs. Bobby Roode is also announced for No Surrender.

* Sting vs. Bully Ray in a non-title main event. Hulk Hogan makes the match no DQ and bans Tito Ortiz from ringside. Sting ends up winning after Aces & 8s and The Main Event Mafia come out to brawl. Bully and Mr. Anderson argue over the finish and Ray vs. Anderson for No Surrender is announced.

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  • Aaron

    AJ winning the Gauntlet Match was so predictable. I just don’t get what TNA is trying to do anymore!

    • Dylan Anglade

      I am guessing they messed up the BFG series this year and and realized they wouldn’t be able to have AJ in the top four even though he is suppose to win it. So thats why they had to do that gauntlet match smh.

    • sonik

      This year’s BFG Series sucks. The winner of first round (AJ) didn’t even get 50 pts. And why the participants didn’t have 11 matches like they should have with every other contestant?

      • Dylan Anglade

        Poor writing and management by TNA thats why. They did not do the proper number of matches between impact and house shows and realized it maybe last week so that is why we got this piss poor effort this year.

  • Bignic

    How is that predictable. If anything we knew it was going to be someone outside of the top 4.

  • Daniel_P1

    “I’m better than the best in the world!” – Allen Jones.

    • [B]ANExx

      He isn’t though – AJ is one of the greats of his generation, and but for TNAs lousey booking COULD have been one of the ALL TIME greats…

      Daniel Bryan IS one of the all-time greats (or certainly will be considered so in 3 or 4 years when he is AJs age) and HE is the best-in-the-world, CM Punk is good, but D-Bry is better!!

      I don’t even think AJ is the best in TNA, Samoa Joe is slightly better for me, but they’re both truly incredible and easily in the top 10 of their generation (in terms of in-ring talent at least, Joe struggle on the mic sometimes).

      • Daniel_P1

        I respect your opinion and DBryan, Punk and AJ Styles, are all incredibly talented. They are top 10 wrestlers in the USA, for sure. I know the name, “best in the world” is claimed by Punk, but that’s hard to prove, when being number 1 in WWE, doesn’t equal being #1 in the world. As for who is better among the 3 of them, that’s another story. I’m an AJ mark (as if you couldn’t tell) lol. Punk is better than DBryan and AJ in mic skills. DBryan and AJ are better pure wrestlers than Punk. What I give AJ so much credit for is for carrying a little known company on his back and along with other little known wrestling names put TNA on the map. There was a lot of talent in TNA but its known that AJ helped elevate TNA to a national spotlight. Currently, DBryan is above Punk and AJ with his work. But Punk nor Bryan can claim that after the indys they went to a small company and put it on the map. So, hope you know where I come from with what I am saying.

        • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

          Being #1 in WWE doesn’t equal best in the world (Partially) But if you’re a great wrestler in ring and have mic skills to back it up on the international level in the WWE that both Punk and Bryan have then it can provide it partially since they compete all around the world. AJ is one of the best wrestlers in the world no doubt about it, but he isn’t the best when it comes to C.M Punk and American Dragon. Now those two individual are the best. Best in the world in any company they’ve went to. AJ is one of the best though, and i would put him up there as one of the best in TNA next to Samoa Joe who i think is the best in TNA even if they never believed in his title run since they screwed him over several times due to his weight. So yeah, AJ is one of the best but not the best when it comes to Punk and Dragon. That’s a whole different playing field there. Best In The World isn’t claimed by Punk at all. The original “Best In The World” was American Dragon. And than Punk started calling himself it after the pipebomb which lead to other wrestlers mocking him and calling themselves “The best in the world.” And Punk and Dragon both can claim that they put a small company on the map that had no money and started off just as a show for fans to enjoy rather than being in a asylum. So AJ Styles isn’t the only one. Both Punk and Bryan put a small wrestling company in “ROH Wrestling” on the map in all the matches they had done there against each other, against Samoa Joe, Chris Hero, Claudio and BJ Whitmer and all the fueds they had there. If it wasn’t for those 2 names there wouldn’t be no ROH wrestling today at all. Numerous people have said it that if it wasn’t for those two ROH wouldn’t have been alive still today not to mention be hosted on small tv networks and has a honest cult following still even when they’re PG now. So yeah, no one could say that Bryan and Punk didn’t put a small company like ROH on the map cause they did and help founded it to what it is still today since it’s still considered to be the #3 American wrestling company in the world and eventually will take TNA’s spot at #2 American wrestling company in the world if TNA keeps on doing what they’re doing and once TNA crumbles thanks to Dixie Carters horrible way to do business and doesn’t understand that she’ll never have money forever. Example all of the cut TNA talents and almost the guy who help groom the company AJ Styles too. In my opinion C.M Punk is a tad better than AJ Styles in pure wrestling. When it comes down to the technical aspect of it he’s better. He just isn’t allow to do any of the moves he innovated himself anymore and isn’t allowed to show how much of a pure technical wrestler he is. As far as Punk and Dragon goes. Dragon and Punk both are evenly match when you look at it. You have C.M Punk who’s quite possibly is the greatest on the Mic currently and you have Bryan Danielson who IS and forever will be “The best technical wrestler in the world” Punk have the edge on Dragon on the mic a tad bit and Bryan has the edge on Punk in ring wise and wrestling wise a tad bit too. So they’re evenly match in my opinion due to both of them excelling at what they do. And how they only have one flaw against each other.

          • [B]ANExx

            I agree with MOST of what you say here, but for me, the man who put ROH on the map more than anyone (Bryan and Punk definitely had a BIG part in it..) was Samoa Joe – I know you mention that in your post, but for me he is ROH’s AJ Styles – if that makes sense?

          • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

            Dragon, Punk, Samoa Joe, Low-Ki, Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitmer. Those are the wrestlers who had the best fueds there and matches I would put Daniels here too since he’s one of the founding fathers and had a fued with the second city saints too but he jump shifted to TNA and decided to work with them more. Those 6 are the main guys who build up Ring Of Honor. Aries would be in here too but his time there was short but memorable. Since he did the job to Punk and had a very good match with him for The ROH World Title. But i agree Joe was the one who carried ROH in every major fued he had there and made Punk known world wide and regarded as a legend in ROH cause of the matches they had. So yeah, it would be Joe, than Punk, than Dragon the people who held world titles and had major fueds there. AJ isn’t the best in the world at all. So whoever say that need to get their head out of their a** cause Joe, Dragon and Punk are far better than him in everything. Ring wise, and mic work. In my opinion Dragon is “The Best In The World” And forever will be. Just cause AJ cut a C.M Punk style promo and said he’s better than Punk isn’t worthwhile but was still a good promo, but he ain’t better than Punk and he knows it too. He just can’t put his difference aside with Punk.

        • [B]ANExx

          I agree AJ has had a massive impact (no pun intended) on the industry – possibly greater than Punk / Bryan, because you’re right – without AJ Styles most people would have never heard about TNA, and people knew about WWF/E long before Punk /Bryan were even wrestling (heck I was watching Hulk Hogan before D-Bry was even born…).

          I just think TNA’s way of booking – too many curve balls, too many ambiguous match endings, too many stories being dropped half-way through to completion, etc. etc. has stopped AJ from being considered in the same breath as many of the ALL TIME greats like Flair / Macho Man – whilst I agree he is every bit as good as any wrestler on the planet in the ring and is really good (not great) on the mic, he suffers from that one thing that can kill a wrestling legacy – potential – which isn’t worth a dime unless it is converted, TNA has stifled AJs growth and stopped him from reaching the giddying heights he could have.

          Credit to him for having loyalty not only to TNA as a company, but to his family as he wanted to be ‘home’ more than a permanent touring schedule would have allowed. I have massive respect for everything he has given up for his family, however that means he has never reached the point where I’d consider him the ‘best in the world’, but I admit if Allen Jones the man had never gotten married and started a family, then AJ Styles the wrestler would have had a shot at being considered the greatest of all time.

        • jcice13

          that little known company has had some world class wrestlers and still does, not saying any of these guys are better than the other, they’re all great, but I’d rather see styles in the WWE and see him and a few other TNA guys go at it with the top WWE men

    • mrlaw

      That was definitely a slap to CM Punk’s face.. Now I definitely want to see AJ in WWE.. What an awesome bout that would be. Speaking of Awesome bouts, can’t wait to see him and Aries go at it again. They had an incredible first match with Aries barely winning.. The match will no doubt be the match of the night..

      • Daniel_P1

        Aries and AJ will steal the show; they are truly two of today’s best talents. AJ Styles vs CM Punk would be an epic fued; especially since both guys legit don’t like one another. I’d expect pipebombs left and right from both guys along with 5 star matches!

        • Trey Doss

          wow punk and aj dont like each other?

          • Daniel_P1

            Nope. They’ve never come out and said why the heat started but it’s no secret they don’t like one another. A fan asked AJ for a pic, AJ told the fan that he would only if the fan covered his cm punk shirt. After hearing this Punk stated on twitter, “envy is a sin.” Then recently AJ took a shot at Punk (this past TNA episode) where AJ said, “I’m.better than the best in the world.” Punk is athiest and makes fun of those who believe in God and AJ is a devout Christian, so this might explain one of the reasons they dislike each other but the exact reason isn’t known.

          • [B]ANExx

            The exact reason is something CM Punk commented on in an interview one time, there was the ‘marriage’ between ROH and TNA where wrestlers from both shows would appear on the other show, it was a good time to be into ‘indy’ wrestling.

            The issue arose when TNA told their talents at the time they were no longer allowed to appear on ROH shows, AJ was the TNA champ at the time and CM Punk supposedly said to him “you are their young star, and their world champion, you can do what you want and they won’t stop you” to which AJ basically refused, opting instead to tow the company line.

            Regardless of right/wrong, that caused a fall-out between the two and cut a deep rift which has never healed.

            For what it is worth, I don’t think AJ is better than Punk – better in the ring, but not by that much, whilst Punk is miles ahead on the Mic – for a show like ROH (all about the in-ring) I’d take AJ, for WWE (a show were more responsibility is placed on the wrestler to get ‘over’ and sell their gimmick) I’d take Punk.

  • [B]ANExx

    TNA will put the strap on AJ now to stop him leaving, (not that he doesn’t deserve it – been out of the scene for a long time), just like they did with Jeff Hardy….

    STOP PAPERING OVER THE CRACKS – think more than 2 weeks ahead and then maybe JUST MAYBE your product will be watchable again – any promotion that can give us AJ Styles versus Austin Aries as a one-on-one match up should be able to provide entertaining TV matches every week, and yet TNA continue to fail with inconsistency in the story, weak finishes, botch-jobs like the gauntlet match because they planned their match program badly… no wonder ratings aren’t improving and the company is in ruin – I worry that not even HH leaving now would be enough!!

    Now AJ has signed I don’t think he’ll ever wrestle for WWE either – he had to leave NOW or not at all tbh, he is not getting any younger.

  • Z….

    Very good promo by AJ last night, and then some pretty awesome matches. Kaz/Hardy (though I dont like Hardy), AJ/Roode, and then Aries/Daniels was a pretty strong card

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