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Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings for 11/25/2012 – Thanksgiving

– TNA taped the Thanksgiving episode of Impact Wrestling tonight from Orlando. Here are full spoilers, airing November 25th:

* Wes Brisco beat Garrett Bischoff in a Gut Check match. Kurt Angle came out after the match and celebrated with Brisco.

* Joey Ryan comes out and announces Open Fight Night for all Gut Check winners. Ryan talks about how he and Matt Morgan can’t be stopped. He calls out Chavo Guerrero for a match. Chavo defeated Ryan by DQ when Morgan came out and hit a chokeslam. Hernandez came out and they brawled.

* Sam Shaw comes out and talks about winning Gut Check. He calls out the first winner Alex Silva. Shaw defeats Silva with a diving leg drop.

* Backstage segment with ODB, Eric Young and Hulk Hogan. There’s going to be a Turkey Challenge tonight and EY is in it.

* Christian York comes out and talks about Gut Check and his 16 years in wrestling. He challenges Jeff Hardy to a non-title match. Hardy defeated York in a great match. They celebrated after the match until Bobby Roode attacked and laid them both out. He taunted Hardy.

* Taeler Hendrix comes out and talks about Gut Check. She challenges Tara and loses in a non-title match.

* Eric Young beat Robbie E and Jesse Godderz in a three-way. Jesse had to put on a turkey suit after the match. Aces & 8s attacked Young after that, using a bat, hammer and chair while ODB was handcuffed. Agents all ran down and they took EY out on a stretcher.

* Daniels and Kazarian come out to cut a promo on Final Resolution and AJ Styles.

* AJ Styles beat Kazarian.

* Austin Aries come out and talks. He rips Hulk Hogan and Brooke Hogan. Brooke comes out and they have words about her being with Bully Ray. Hogan ends up coming down as does Bully Ray. Aries escapes the ring and laughs at everyone. Brooke runs away crying while Hogan and Ray stare at each other.

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  • Aaron

    TNA has lost it’s mind! Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray!? Open fight night for Gut Check!? Great way to piss off fans!

  • Brody Lawrence

    Well on the bright side, they are giving their young Gut Check wrestlers some TV time. I forgot all about Alex Silva being there. They have some established stars mixing it up with them too so good on TNA for that.

    On the other hand, Oh Man, they’ll be lucky to get a 0.1 rating with this show on Thanksgiving. As usual the Huckster & Hucksterette have to hog more than their share of TV time. And good riddance to Eric Young if that’s how they’re writing him off. I hope they put the Knockout tag titles back in play now and put more Knockouts back on TV to fight for them. Also, How come that goofball rates a stretcher but Sting has to walk out on his own? >:/

  • Adam

    Hopefully EY will return minus goofy gimmicks, and he and ODB turn heel. Pretty much all their best work for both has been as heels.

  • Tyler

    I seriously don’t wanna sound bitchy, but seriously is AJ Styles vs Daniels (and Kaz recently) the only storyline they can do? There are other people on the roster you know. This is why I personally don’t watch TNA. I’m not here to rag on the entire company, this is just my opinion, but stuff like that and this entire episode is why I don’t watch it.

  • Tom

    I lke the fact there giving the young gutcheck wrestlers a chance to whow what they have. I dont understand what TNA is doing with AJ Styles at all.

  • Richie

    I pretty much expect Styles to WIN next years BFG series…OR, i wonder how it would work if he was the X-Division champion come time for Destination X…and opted to hand the X-Division title over for the world title shot like Aries did…wonder if they would consider that a loophole in Hogan’s stipulation! Could be interesting!

  • Johnny

    hello Thanksgiving is on the 22nd not 25th

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