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Spoilers For This Week’s Episode Of WWE SmackDown

WWE Smackdown
WWE invaded Memphis, TN at the FedExForum on Tuesday night for the Main Event and SmackDown TV tapings. Here are the spoilers for this week’s episode of SmackDown:

– Singles Match: Roman Reigns defeated Rusev via DQ when Alberto Del Rio attacked Reigns. This led to Dean Ambrose making the save. Reigns and Ambrose stood tall in the ring as Rusev and Del Rio retreated.

– Non-Title Match: Kalisto defeated Kevin Owens when Dolph Ziggler distracted Owens. Post-match, Owens attacked Kalisto and Ziggler.

– The Miz hyped his match with AJ Styles in a backstage interview.

– Singles Match: Ryback defeated Erick Rowan. Post-match, Braun Strowman attacked Ryback, but Ryback fought back and walked to the back.

– Becky Lynch cuts a backstage promo but is interrupted by Sasha Banks.

– Singles Match: AJ Styles defeated The Miz. Post-match, Chris Jericho cuts a promo on Styles. Jericho demands a match with Styles for next week’s episode of SmackDown. Styles agreed to the match.

– Roman Reigns hypes the main event of the show in a backstage promo.

– The New Day cut a promo in the ring before being interrupted by Heath Slater, Adam Rose and Curtis Axel.

– Tag Team Match: The New Day defeated The Social Outcasts.

– Non-Title Match: Charlotte defeated Alicia Fox with Brie Bella.

– Tag Team Match: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose defeated Alberto Del Rio and Rusev.

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  • Lisa

    Dean Ambrose hogging Roman Reigns’ spotlight is poor booking. Ambrose just isn’t in Reigns’ league. Ambrose is decent on the mic and that’s just about it. Reigns on the other hand is a main event-caliber megastar. The two working together week after week doesn’t help Reigns at all – Ambrose only dilutes Reigns’ star power.
    Just keep Ambrose away from Reigns. Is that such a hard thing to do, Vinny Mac?

    • Jakerams

      I agree with you about Ambrose but Reigns no he’s decent in the ring, horrible on the mic, and that’s all. Though the fans in India practically worship him so you may be right.

      But Reigns will never be on Cena’s/Rock/Austin/Hogan’s level though.

      • Lisa

        Reigns isn’t the best on the mic but he’s charismatic and very athletic in the ring. And he has “the look” too.

        • Jakerams

          He has a few problems though. He does not showcase his athleticism like he used to during his FCW days, he smiles way too much, he holds the title upsidedown, and he has too much success being handed to him compared to many others who actually work hard for it. He’s a performer which is what Vince wants but he is not what the majority of want.

          • Lisa

            The only fans that don’t like Reigns are the typical IWC sheep who only seem to be drawn to Indy midgets and fatties.
            Vince McMahon couldn’t care less about what the IWC wants. Reigns’ machandise is selling like hotcake and that’s what matters.

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