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Spoilers For This Week’s Episode Of WWE SmackDown

Zack Ryder
WWE invaded San Diego, CA at the Valley View Casino Center on Tuesday night for the Main Event and SmackDown TV tapings. Here are the spoilers for this week’s episode of SmackDown:

– The show opens with The Miz and Maryse in the ring for Miz TV. Zack Ryder walked out, and Miz teased that he would give him an Intercontinental Title Match. However, Miz informed Ryder that he was already booked for a match.

– Singles Match: Baron Corbin defeated Zack Ryder. Post-match, Corbin beat down Ryder until Dolph Ziggler ran down to make the save.

– Singles Match: Emma defeated Paige.

– Tag Team Tournament Match: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady defeated The Ascension.

– Singles Match: AJ Styles defeated Alberto Del Rio.

– There was a backstage segment with Fandango, Goldust and R-Truth.

– Tag Team Tournament Match: The Vaudevillians defeated Goldust and R-Truth.

– Singles Match: Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho ended in a no contest after Kevin Owens, who was on commentary with AJ Styles, interfered. Styles ran in to make the save. Zayn and Styles cleared the ring to close the show.

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  • Lisa

    Andrew Ravens and Co, you guys are letting us down. How long does it take you guys to post this? What the hell is going on here?

    • Joe #Heel

      He’s been at it all day,guy can’t do a damn thing right. He posts on several sites,and I wonder why any of them let him.

      • Lisa

        I miss the WNZ of 2012 and 2013. The days of Marc Middleton, Steve Carrier and Daniel Pena. Back when we had an amazing columnist by the name Colin Hunter. Read this article http://www.wrestlenewz.com/exclusive-articles/raw-in-a-nutshell-20-years-in-the-making/ and compare it with what we have on this site these days.
        WNZ was a fast growing wrestling site at the time (I believe it was well on it’s way to becoming the best wrestling site) and that was probably why it was sold. It hasn’t been the same ever since. The team really need to step up and make this site great again (sorry, Donald).
        And by the way, I’m WNZ through and through. To me this site is like a child that a parent will always love, no matter what.

        • Joseph Lisnow

          ok. thanks.

      • Lisa

        Check out this one too: http://www.wrestlenewz.com/exclusive-articles/raw-in-a-nutshell-the-good-the-bad-and-the-nature-boy/
        Ensure you read the “WTF Moment” section. That should crack your ribs. Damn, I miss Colin.

        • Joe #Heel

          Yes,it’s a shame. I have skimmed through those (read the WTF MOMENT) and they were great,usage of images and so much more. Those guys were artist with words. Bet they regret selling to these guys,who seem like it’s just a cash cow to them.

          • Lisa

            You’re right. The current ownership totally halted the site’s momentum. Most of the regular readers and comment posters left for rival wrestling websites after they realized WNZ was losing its mojo. Back in those days even the most meaningless of articles could attract comments. These days it’s only the live Raw coverage that garners a considerable number of comments. It’s such a shame.

          • Z….

            I’ve been coming to this website since early(ish)-mid 2000s. There has been multiple incarnations of it; some better than others. There are certain things now that have an advantage, but this site has been better at previous times. That being said, as long as I can still use it to semi keep up with certain stuff without watching, I’m good with it either way. I used to use multiple sites back then, but I dont feel like I’m missing anything necessary

          • robvanriot

            The site could use some decent social media promotion. Possibly some paid adverts on Facebook. I found it by chance, I’ve never seen it advertised anywhere.

          • ‘Drowen Hart #NBNC ???????

            Uhh most of the regulars left because you were arguing with them too much and as a result, some of them got banned by that idiot Jim Genia, who was the main moderator at one time for WNZ. And the articles that you have termed meaningless but yet garned a lot of comments? Most of those comments were arguments between you and this girl named Chelsii lol.

          • Lisa

            But do you honestly think this site is as well run as it was a few years ago?

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