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Spoilers: WWE NXT Tapings – Four More Weeks

– WWE taped another four episodes of NXT TV tonight from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Here are full spoilers:

October 2nd Episode:

* The Ascension beat Colin Cassidy & Enzo Amore, CJ Parker & Tyler Breeze and Scott Dawson & Alexander Rusev in a Tag Team Turmoil match to determine new #1 contenders.

* Sasha Banks with Summer Rae defeated Bayley. Summer spoke after the match and talked about Fandango coming later.

* Aiden English beat an unknown wrestler in a quick squash match.

* Sami Zayn beat El Local (Ricardo Rodriguez) under a mask. Bo Dallas came out and congratulated Zayn after the match but mocked him. Bo is going to be holding an open challenge to anyone who thinks they can beat him. Everyone is invited except Sami.

* Triple H comes out and puts over the NXT fans and roster. He talks about the Rhodes family and reveals he has given Dusty Rhodes time off. The new interim NXT General Manager is JBL. JBL comes out and Triple H leaves. JBL runs down Dusty. JBL says him being GM is what’s best for business. He welcomes us to the NXT Era of the Wrestling God.

October 9th Episode:

* Emma and Santino Marella defeated Fandango and Summer Rae.

* Luke Harper defeated Kassius Ohno.

* The Ascension defeated Adrian Neville and Corey Graves to win the WWE NXT Tag Team Titles.

* The Bo Dallas Invitational is up next. The first unknown wrestler got beat with a spear. Leo Kruger and Antonio Cesaro came out next but argued over who would face Bo. They both get knocked over the top rope. El Local comes out now and pins Bo. He unmasks to reveal it was Sami Zayn dressed as El Local. Bo acts shocked at what happened.

October 16th Episode:

* Charlotte with Bayley defeated Florida women’s wrestler Santana Garrett. Summer and Sasha Banks were at ringside. After the match, Charlotte and Bayley talked about running things in NXT. Paige came out and fought with them. Summer and Sasha beat her down but Emma makes the save.

* Antonio Cesaro beat Leo Kruger. After the match, Cesaro attacked Kruger and dropped a knee to the head from the top rope.

* Mojo Rawley defeated Danny Burch.

* Scott Dawson and Alexander Rusev beat Colin Cassidy and Enzo Amore. After the match, they double teamed Cassidy.

October 23rd Episode:

* The Ascension beat Corey Graves and Adrian Neville with their titles on the line. Corey turned on Neville after the match and attacked him.

* Tyler Breeze beat CJ Parker.

* Summer Rae and Sasha Banks beat Paige and Emma.

* Sami Zayn beat Bo Dallas to win the NXT Title. JBL comes out and the replay shows that Bo’s foot was on the bottom rope. JBL restarts the match. Bo gets the win this time after one of the turnbuckles was exposed.

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  • Tyler Drummond

    Sami Zayn doesn’t need the NXT Title. I hope this means he is being called up. The man is gold and is over. Although the only issue I see is that fans are still chanting Ole from the Generico days, but they are trying to give Ole to Los Matadores. Hopefully they dont let that delay Sami Zayn’s debut.

    • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

      The “Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole. Ole.” chants shouldn’t do anything to him if he’s on the main roster soon, since WWE and the announcers has acknowledge it in NXT that those are the chants for Sami Zayn and how he used to wear a mask too. They’re just taking the “Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole. Ole.” chants to try to get Los Matadores to get over quick rather than slow with the fans, it doesn’t affect Generico in anyway possible at all. It’s just their reasoning of trying to get those 2 talented guys over as a team. It’ll work, but the fans already know those are the chants for Generico/Zayn so they’ll never stop chanting it for Generico at all. And quite possibly they’ll chant El Generico! Or Sami Zayn! At Los Matadores too.

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    Why did I have the feeling that Sasha Banks and Summer Rae was going to form and alliance.

    • Martin

      um, because they’ve been pushing that for weeks?

      • Mrs. Ambrose


  • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

    Which El Local is it? Theres 2 of them. One of them is tattooed up (Hunico) The other is Ricardo/Chimaera with minor Tattoos on his arms. I know it says Ricardo, but they probably don’t know that Hunico was El Local too. And lol how funny it is that Sami Zayn portrayed El Local in one tapings lol Probably did all of El Generico trademark moves that he isn’t allowed to do consistently as Sami Zayn. I hope this means Hunico will come back to WWE soon if it was him as El Local and it would be perfect for him or Ricardo to get their mask back.

  • Rg41982

    Nxt is the truth. They get time to wrestle and have excellent talent. Its a lil all over the place but everything from the tag turmoil to nxt championship is hot. Except bo. Bo don’t know promos. He has to be the worst wtestler on nxt.

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