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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 10/4/2013

– Thanks to Stephen for the following WWE SmackDown tapings from Tuesday’s tapings in Baton Rouge:

* Big Show kicks off SmackDown and says he’s fed up and going to lose it soon. He says everything is Triple H’s fault. Triple H comes out and talks about Show’s financial troubles. He changes tonight’s main event to Randy Orton and The Shield vs. Big Show.

* Rob Van Dam and Fandango go to disqualification when Summer Rae gets involved. Ricardo Rodriguez was also at ringside. After the match, RVD hit the Van Terminator with a trash can on Fandango.

* Ryback beat R-Truth. After the match, Curtis Axel attacked Truth.

* Backstage, RVD sends the beat up trash can to Alberto Del Rio as a gift.

* Alberto Del Rio beat Dolph Ziggler by submission in the match of the night.

* Los Matadores defeated Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal. After the match, El Torito splashes out onto 3MB on the floor.

* Paul Heyman cuts a promo and says Ryback will destroy CM Punk at Battleground.

* Brie Bella defeated Aksana. The Bella Twins celebrate after the match but Tamina Snuka and AJ Lee interrupt. AJ cuts a promo on Brie and their match at Battleground.

* Kofi Kingston defeats Big E Langston with a roll up.

* Bray Wyatt comes out and cuts a promo. He says to follow the buzzards at Battleground.

* Big Show beat Randy Orton and The Shield by DQ after Orton uses a steel chair when Show takes control of the match and fights off all four opponents. The Usos and Daniel Bryan run out to make the save and even the odds. SmackDown ends with a bunch of “yes!” chants.

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    Did someone unplug Louisanna again?

  • Brandon King

    Sounds like a horrible episode. I don’t care how big Show is, four guys should still be able to beat him down without having to use a chair.

  • KingBack

    Big E jobbing… Gotta be kidding me?!

  • tt2000

    Bryan is so boring. The show always ends with yes chants or him getting beat up.

    • Joseph Douglas

      Would you rather have it end with Cena getting his hand raised in victory for the millionth time?

    • Kayfabe Fan

      So you mean the creative team ideas are boring?

  • jcice13

    the other night on RAW I noticed that after brie won her match and her sister came into the ring she sort of MADE the ref raise her arm in victory as well, is this the seeding of a bella twins break-up maybe? before nikki got hurt I said here that a great idea would have been for brie to wrestle AJ for the title and during the match the twins would do their switcheroo then nikki pins AJ and she keeps the belt while brie gets po’d and that would be the start of a feud, which I happen to think would be a good concept, not wrestling wise but definitely a good angle and with the total divas show on E! make for even more to talk about there because animosity is a big seller on “reality” tv

  • jcice13

    the matadores thing is total crap but I’m happy to see rey misterio is back in the ring working again as their mascot

  • Matt Rennick

    Hang on, they need to wait for another website to post it so they can take it from them

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