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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 11/15/2013

– Thanks to Janie Andrews for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from today’s tapings in Manchester, England:

* Graphics reveal tonight’s main event will be CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. Curtis Axel and Ryback.

* SmackDown kicks off with The Usos vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper with Bray Wyatt at ringside. The Wyatt Family gets the win. After the match, Bray comes in and delivers Sister Abigail. One of the Usos took a bad bump on his head towards the end of the match.

* Backstage segment with R-Truth and The Prime Time Players rapping.

* Ryback and Curtis Axel are backstage. Ryback doesn’t want to team with Axel tonight if he’s still a Paul Heyman Guy. Axel says he isn’t anymore and says they should take out their related frustrations on Punk and Bryan later tonight.

* Natalya vs. Tamina Snuka is up next. Natalya gets the win by submission after Tamina and AJ Lee accidentally collided on the apron.

* R-Truth, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil got their win back from Main Event and defeated 3MB.

* John Cena and Alberto Del Rio come out for their arm wrestling contest. There’s a table set up in the middle of the ring. Both Superstars talk about their match at Survivor Series. Cena points out the fan dressed as Superman in the crowd and lets him show his costume after it was covered up earlier. Huge heat for Cena like at RAW on Monday. Cena ended up winning two falls in the arm wrestling contest. Del Rio attacked Cena after the contest and slammed him through the table.

* Backstage segment with Punk and Bryan talking about The Wyatt Family and their match at Survivor Series.

* Cameron and Naomi beat The Bella Twins when Cameron pinned Brie Bella.

* The Great Khali beat Hunico and Camacho in a quick handicap match.

* CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel is next. Punk and Bryan come out to a big pop. The match ends in a no contest when The Wyatt Family interferes as Bryan has the Yes Lock on Ryback. The lights come back on but Punk and Bryan are gone. Ryback has words with Axel and pushes him into the Wyatt Family. They beat Ryback and Axel down and throw them over the top rope. Punk and Bryan sneak out from under the ring and lay Rowan and Harper out. SmackDown ends with Punk and Bryan staring at Bray Wyatt from the top of the ramp.

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  • B-Ped

    Wait, now Axel isn’t a Heyman guy?

    • KingBack

      That is only good.
      He has the charisma of a cow.

      • sonik


        “charisma of a cow” – I read that somewhere. I think that it was today at the Raw in a Nutshell…

      • Captain Kamikaze

        I dunno man…I know some pretty charismatic cows.

        • Bite Me You Loser

          Santa has the strangest boner….

      • Trey Doss

        axel is the cult of no personality

  • steve182010

    wtf where is wade barrett they put khali in a match and not barrett in his home country what a joke khalis match will be 5 minutes of what the hell am i watching when the guy cant wrestle like he used too when they could of put barrett in a match even if it was a 5 minute match the crowd would of popped big time for him especially when his music would hit what a joke move by wwe
    4 shows main event,superstar,raw, smackdon and all barrett gets is a dark match wtf

  • Triple H’s Shovel

    I’ve been given the week off from TV by my owner. However, I’ve put the time off to good use, because I’ve been digging and preparing Big Show’s grave for his burial at the TLC PPV.

  • Captain Kamikaze

    Extremely disgusted by the lack of Wade Barrett. I went to a house show in Dublin last Friday, and he got an incredible amount of heat(Somewhat cheap, but still, a lot better than Del Rio who was met with indifference.) I was extremely excited to see Barrett on TV this week, and he’s kept off ALL SHOWS? He’s delegated to a dark match? Sometimes I honestly wonder how WWE creative manages to do such stupid things.

    • jcice13

      maybe because he’s local they thought the crowd would cheer him??? cause I can’t come up with a better reason other than the writers suck

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