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Stephanie Comments on HHH & Orton, Los Matadores Tweets, JR

– The first “An Evening With Jim Ross – The Voice of Wrestling” event took place last night in Manchester, England. Ross commented:

“Great show in Manchester last night. Sold out tonight in Glasgow @ Hilton. HUGE travel day. MAN-Glasgow-London Heathrow for Wed am flt.”

– The Los Matadores Twitter account tweeted last night after RAW:

“Desde la Madre Patria para el mundo… Pronto se sentira el Ole!! #WWEole”

This translates to:

“From the Motherland to the world … Soon you will feel the Ole! #WWEole”

– While she didn’t appear on last night’s RAW from Phoenix, Stephanie McMahon took to Twitter to defend the action of Triple H and Randy Orton:

“My husband, @TripleH is a powerful businessman who stands up for his wife and his family. Our Champion @RandyOrton is shining. #RAW”

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  • Daniel_P1

    WWE wants the ole chants to be for the tag team so that when El Generico is called up, and people chant ole, it’ll appear that the Matedores are over..when in reality its just jobbers Primo and Epico.

    • Rg41982

      I was thinking the same thing. Whatva stupid gimmick.

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