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Stephanie McMahon Invites Dusty Rhodes to Raw

Apparently the Rhodes Family angle will continue on Monday’s Raw, as Stephanie McMahon has invited WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes to this upcoming Raw. Stephanie tweeted the following:

“@WWEDustyRhodes please accept this invitation to attend RAW this Monday in Cleveland. I have a business proposition for you. Thank you.”

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  • The plot thickens!

  • sonik

    Why they couldn’t do it with DiBiase Family?

    • mrlaw

      Because none of Ted’s brothers are as famous as Goldust.. Plus, Ted quit before this storyline even started.. I actually like how this is playing out with the Rhodes. They just fit the angle better and Cody is the better wrestler between the two and gets a better reaction from the crowd..

    • Rhodes > DiBiase.

  • james clinton

    Called it!
    WM30 card confirmed:
    Dusty Vs. Vince
    Dustin Vs. HHH
    Cody Vs. Randy
    Its happening!
    No not really but I’ll keep dreaming!

    • sonik


      • ceddy01


    • mrlaw

      That would truly be the worse Wrestlemania ever…

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    If Big Dust drops an elbow nowadays, he’ll probably kill whoever is under him. I hope its Vince.

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