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Stephanie McMahon Posts A Blog On Why WWE Dropped The Term “Diva”

Stephanie McMahon posted a blog on to explain the reason that WWE dropped the term “Diva” when referring to their female talents. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

The message from our fan base around the world during those 72 hours was resounding: They wanted to see our female performers in more prominent storylines, with deeper character development, and they wanted to see them compete in longer matches. This sentiment resonated so strongly throughout WWE that our Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon responded with a tweet of his own, “We hear you, keep watching #GiveDivasAChance.”

“Divas” is how WWE branded our female performers starting in 2008, in an effort to give them a more prominent role. As a point of reference, our male performers are known as Superstars. It was so successful, it led to the creation of a WWE reality show, Total Divas, and launched the careers of those who have become household names, like the Bella Twins, Natalya, Paige, Alicia Fox and Eva Marie.

The role of women in WWE has continued to evolve. For the first time in WWE history, Sasha Banks and Bayley became the first women to main event an NXT pay-per-view, and they tore the house down. In fact, their match the month before at NXT TakeOver was voted “match of the year” by our fan base. And earlier tonight, at WrestleMania, Charlotte, Sasha and Becky competed in a triple threat match, which ultimately saw Charlotte leave as the champion.

Our female performers are world-class athletes, actors, public speakers and philanthropists. They’re role models, inspiring and empowering women and girls to be confident and strong. They dedicate themselves to WWE, achieve great success and earn the same respect as their male counterparts.

Therefore, from this point forward, all of our performers – male and female – will be known as “Superstars.”

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  • Mike

    Fully agree with the change. Well done to wwe.

  • Zack

    Good stuff. ?

    But I still retain the question: what will happen to Total Divas? I still say part of the decision to drop the term “divas” is because I’m suspecting E! told them they wouldn’t renew the show.

    • Edynol

      Who knows? Until we hear something official, they could just keep it that way. It’s a catchy name people recognize. Plus, the term Diva wasn’t invented by WWE. And I doubt they’d change the brand just because E cancelled their show.

    • ‘Drowen Hart #NBNC ???????

      Based on the reports, they keep losing viewers every week. Not to mention, everyone now knows that parts of the show are scripted. I wouldn’t be surprised if they cancelled it after this year.

  • dustin

    How about calling them all wrestlers?

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