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Stephanie McMahon Talks About Possibly Wrestling At An Upcoming WrestleMania And WWE Going PG

Stephanie McMahon recently did a Q&A on to promote WrestleMania 32. Here are the highlights.

Do you miss the “attitude” era? Is the parental guidance era more profitable for the business?

WWE programming has been PG for the past eight years (as rated by our network partner, NBCU). This was a strategic move for WWE to reach more families, grow our business and partner with blue-chip brands and yes, it has been successful. The biggest challenge is to write compelling programming that appeals to all members of the family; it requires a different degree of sophistication. In terms of the McMahon-Helmsley era I would say that the Authority puts it to shame. Our characters are a lot smarter now and they are up to all kinds of antics :))). My favorite memory from that era would be the very beginning, the night I “turned” on my father at Armageddon and joined forces with Triple H.

How did Stephanie McMahon start her career with WWE?

I started working in WWE when I was in high school as our receptionist. I then went on to intern in almost all of our departments including Marketing, Digital, TV production, and even Human Resources. I can fix pretty much any Xerox machine and I can collate and staple like nobody’s business (of course no one in today’s generation even knows what that means!).

Would you like to have a WrestleMania match and against who?

It is a dream for any WWE performer to compete at WrestleMania. There are so many talented women that I would love to step in the ring with…there are too many to list!

What is your favourite part of your job at WWE?

WWE’s mission is to put smiles on people’s faces the world over whether it is through our programming or by giving back to the community. Whether it’s the reaction of our fans in the crowd, meeting families backstage, or getting hugs from the children at schools or hospitals we visit, interacting with our fans is the best part of my job.

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