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Steve Austin: AJ Styles Could Be A Big Player In WWE

WWE Hall of Fame
AJ Styles will be appearing on the Stone Cold Podcast after RAW goes off the air on the USA Network on June 20th . WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently spoke with Sports Illustrated and during the interview, Austin explained why he thinks Styles could be a top guy in WWE. Here is what he had to say: 

“A.J. Styles just carried Roman Reigns to two world class matches back-to-back. The second one wasn’t as good as the first, but it’s hard to top an all-time classic. Reigns carried his end, but that was all A.J. They keep beating that kid, and they’ve got a potential superstar on their hands,” Austin said.

“(Styles) has only been working 16, 18 years, he’s got it figured out. Put a rocket on his ass and send him to the moon. I would love to see them run with Styles. I called him over the last time I saw him, which was before he got into that string of really good matches, and we’d never met. I said, ‘Hey man, good luck.’ When you see guys like that – who have been around the world and are veterans, you want them to finally get paid. He’s paid a million dues and he ain’t made no money. I want to see the kid go out and have a seven-figure year finally.”

Click here to read the entire interview.

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  • cp munk

    I completely agree with Austin but knowing WWE he is gonna be a stepping stone to get other guys over. I hope I’m wrong but too many times I’ve had high hopes for somebody and nothing ever came of it.

  • Z….

    Remember when Austin said Ken Anderson would be the next SCSA? Vince doesnt care who the talent is, or what they could do, or even how the fans react to them. He doesnt care if their greatness is clearly obvious to everyone…Hopefully, AJ will be featured the way he deserves to be. It looks like he is just going to get fed to Cena, after already being fed to fake Cena. With that being the case, I hope he gets to continue to “air grievances” towards him on the mic, and then put on another show before he gets beat clean after Cena takes out the BC.

    • Mike

      I wouldn’t be so sure. Cena has taken losses to a few guys recently in programs. Owens, rusev, wyatt before that, Rollins, I’m just saying I believe they’ll trade wins. This isn’t one match and done, it’s to great a feud. Reigns needs to keep winning in their eyes, we saw that coming. But cena is happy to put guys over I feel as his career reaches the back end.

      • Z….

        Its not up to Cena, and never has been. I’m not saying that Cena doesnt lose. I’m just saying there is a major difference in WWE when Kevin Steen beats him once or twice, likely not clean, and someone like AJ Styles, in his relatively new spot in the company especially. Maybe you’re right, and they’ll trade “wins,” but ultimately, John Cena will come out of this a lot stronger than AJ Styles in WWE booking terms.

      • siddus

        Other than Owens, none of those wins came clean and in all cases of multiple matches Cena won the rubber matches. Wyatt’s win came about because of a kid in a sheep mask after Cena had dominated the entire Wyatt family, Rollins’ win came at the hands of fucking John Stewart. Look where Rusev ended up after losing to Cena – in Pro Wrestling Observer’s worst feud of 2015 in the love-quadrangle with Lana, Ziggler, and Summer Rae.

        • Mike

          Who cares if they didn’t win clean? They’re heels, heels win by cheating, it’s not only against cena that that is the case. Also how does cena beating rusev makes that poor feud his fault, it was really poor creative booking, nothing to do with cena. On paper the Dolph v rusev feud seemed a good one. But the booking and flip flopping, didn’t help, especially with lana and rusev screwing up the storyline.

          • siddus

            1. Not every heel is or has to be a cowardly heel.
            2. Heel victories aren’t always won by cheating. Let’s take WM32 as an example. 5 heel victories, only 1 was cheating. Corbin, Lesnar, Y2J and League of Nations all won clean.
            3. If it’s nothing to do with Cena, why does everyone slide back into the mid (or lower) card obscurity straight after losing to him? Yes, it’s the creative but the way Cena is booked has resulted in a dead-end for the vast majority whoever feud with him.

            My point is you tried to give examples of why the Club might come out of the match looking strong and I have pointed out that it almost never happens and certainly didn’t happen with any of your examples. Rusev went in being unbeaten for a whole freaking year and yet winds up creatively slumming it with Summer Rae and Mr Relevant-in-2012

          • Mike

            I know all heel victories aren’t cheating. Im going to take issue with some though. I think y2j did use heel tactics by using the ref, I agree that’s hardly anything but still. Lesnar wasn’t a heel and still isn’t. He turned face on Rollins when he went after the title, and hasn’t turned back since. He just goes after whoever at this point. He was a genuine heel before the Rollins fued and even used heyman to beat the likes of punk and hhh in the past, but not now. League of Nations fine, and Corbin won a battle royal. My point is, wyatt uses his family to win, cena or not he always has, Rollins used underhanded tactics to win when he was champ in pretty much every title defence. Rusev had a fall. But he is now champ again and looking good, he’s unbeaten run wasn’t going anywhere either, he is a much more well rounded guy now that he has worked on his promos a bit. Feuding with cena doesn’t nesseicarily hurt, it didn’t hurt Owens, i don’t think it hurt wyatt, it certainly helped Rollins I believe, to develop more in his role and it was feuds with cena that established punk and Bryan and big stars.

          • siddus

            I genuinely cannot understand how you can feel that Wyatt wasn’t hurt by the Cena feud. Look where his trajectory since then. Yes, feuding with Cena established Punk and Bryan but they are both the few examples of guys that won clean. Just as Reigns is, Cena will continue to be protected to comical levels at the expense of creating new stars.

          • Mike

            Because cena is the face of the company. You have to accept he is going to win almost every program he is in. Like the rock, like Austin and like hogan and bret and Shawn ect. No one has dropped more matches cleanly while being the face of the company than John cena. Wyatt was just in the spot at mania with the rock, he fought taker at a previous mania. They guy at any given time can just catch fire and go straight to the top. It’s the wwe holding him back, but the fued with cena hasn’t hurt as he would need very little to become a main event star. I believe just being in the ring and getting any kind of win of cena for a new star is huge and a big rub for their career. Cena is the biggest draw and has been for a long time.

        • Joseph Lisnow

          that feud took years off their WWE careers.

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