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Steve Austin And CM Punk Tease Match In Sit-down Interview, Video Pulled

The official YouTube account of WWE Games posted an eleven-minute video Thursday of Jim Ross moderating a sit-down discussion between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and CM Punk. The discussion, which was shot SummerSlam weekend, centered on Austin facing Punk in THQ’s WWE ’13 video game, while also teasing a real-life match between the two. The video, however, was removed within hours.

There are differing accounts on why the video was removed. According to, the video was released prematurely. says it was “not the correct version,” according to a THQ employee. The video will be released again.

During the debate, the two discuss what would happen if Punk competed in the “Attitude Era” and Austin was wrestling today. Austin puts over Punk and John Cena as present-day Superstars worthy of hanging with “Stone Cold,” while dismissively labeling “the rest of the locker room” as happy to be on television. Punk says he would have been a champion during the “Attitude Era,” which causes Austin to laugh.

The interview concludes with a firm handshake and Austin proclaiming that he would defeat Punk in both the video game world and in real-life.

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  • The Truth

    Punk would be upper mid card at best in the AE. There’s no way in hell he’d be WWF champion lol

  • rob Here’s the download link to the vidoe!

  • Tyler

    So Austin buries Randy Orton and the rest of the locker room including guys like Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, etc. Way to go, WWE is having a hard time building stars so the smart thing is to have Stone Cold bury everyone in your company except John Cena and CM Punk. Things like that really bother me so hopefully this “correct” version of the interview has that removed.

  • Mark

    @’The Truth’:

    If CM Punk was around during the Attitude Era without having to hold back on the microphone and be restrained by PG television, then the guy would still be on the upper card at least.

    Go check his promo’s in ROH from a few years back.
    The guy is a natural. Search YouTube for ‘CM Punk im not holding a microphone’ and tell me that the guy isn’t a natural born talker.

    To back it up, Punk has great skills in the ring.
    If Rikishi could get in main event matches and storylines, then so could CM Punk.

    To say that CM Punk wouldn’t have made an impact in the Attitude Era is a poor excuse for an opinion.

  • Sassa

    Punk belongs in the AA. In this Era not only is no one, other than John Cena, able to put on a good feud with him, but his talent also isn’t appreciated as much as it should be. Every single promo and match from him as of late has been great.

  • Rg41982

    I will say this Austin vs punk in any thing wrestling related Austin wins. And it may be a jab to the locker room but fuck it. They need it bunch of stooges. Instead of brisco and Patterson the whole locker room is a bunch of suckas.

  • The Truth

    Come on you think guys like HHH, Rock, Austin, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels would let guys like Punk touch the WWF title? These were when all these guys were egotistical they’d bury him quick

  • Mark Black

    One thing is for sure people…The Miz would have never won the WWE Title in the Attitude Era. He wasn’t even good enough to win it this era. Why he won the WWE Title and held it for so long is beyond me.

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