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Sting Officially Retires During HOF Speech

WWE Hall of Fame
After months of speculation, Sting officially retired at the conclusion of his 2016 WWE Hall of Fame speech.

There has been speculation since Sting suffered an injury against Seth Rollins at September’s Night of Champions that his future in the ring was done. For complete coverage of the Hall of Fame, please click here.

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  • The Shockmaster

    Such a shame that the fans will never see Sting vs Undertaker. Thanks WWE Not-so-creative.

    • TheMAG

      Dont worry tomorrow Undertaker will retire too.

    • The Middle Finger

      It’s not WWE Creative’s fault that Rollins botched the Buckle-Bomb at Night of Champions.

      • The Shockmaster

        But they did book Triple H vs Sting for a net gain of zero.

    • Crazy_Victor

      It could be a work. He said at the end “this isn’t goodbye, it’s just see you later”… I still see Sting tonight, not only with the hall of famers, but in the Hell in a Cell match…

  • Darda Cook

    a part of me died tonight

  • Bizzarosid

    Wwe may tease sting VS taker though by having sting’s final action being him causing taker to lose his match tomorrow by distraction or delivering his final scorpion death drop. (They say taker is old fashioned, and going out on his back will be the way he wants to go out)

    • PlanoStu

      Exactly my thoughts, though Undertaker would probably call Sting out for both their final match at next years WM

  • Kiwi

    So actually retired or Ric Flair retired?

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Yeah Seth Botchings, thanks for that!

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