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Sting Talks His Loyalty to TNA, First Inductee Into Hall of Fame and More

Sting was recently interviewed by WrestleShark for their latest podcast. Here are some highlights.

Sting’s loyalty with the company: The group of men and women under the TNA roof, the fans, the brand, I just feel content here. The home has been good here; Dixie Carter, the Carter family have been great to work with over the years and Dixie is very persuasive.

Why he keeps returning every year: “Dixie was very persuasive. Being willing to make it right in terms of scheduling, the time on the road, of course money is an issue, it just all came together. And I love the brand…that’s all there is to it. It was like a now or never moment for me.”

On TNA becoming a household name: I think if we go out on the road there is a lot of potential for that to happen.

On being the first inductee into the TNA Hall of fame: Very humbling…because there are so many other guys, the Samoa Joes, the A.J. Styles, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Jeff Jarrett, who were here before I was. They helped build a foundation for this company,” Sting said. “I was kind of like ‘am I being put out to pasture here or what?’ [laughs] plus I’m an active wrestler. So it seems kind of weird to be inducted into the Hall of Fame while you’re still working.

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  • Aaron

    Key word content! Sting is there for a pay check! TNA will always be second fiddle to WWE! TNA has no vision because of Eric and Hulk, they have lost touch with what the fans want.

    • Marcos Mendes

      Actually they are very desperate that they push guys the IWC loves, therefore making every single wrestler in the roster a viable contender for the world championship.

  • zip

    He is there for the very same reason why Jeff is there. Easier schedule and being payed well.

  • Scott Davies

    I still think the TNA HOF is a joke

  • SdotC

    Sting– you’ve been wrestling for over 25 years, you still have your health, and you’re never going to draw another dime again. Just retire. When it was 2006, yes, you WERE helping TNA… a-fucking-lot, actually, but when it’s 2013 and you’ve blown numerous Undertaker matches that you’ve admitted you want, you’re in your 50s, and TNA hasn’t become a dime more profitable the past few years…dude, it’s okay if you just hang the boots up. I get the feeling you don’t need the money.

    • DoingMaThing

      Maybe he doesnt need the money but he wants it. Money is never enough for some people. He’s pretty much like Ric Flair

      Sting wont go to WWE because he’s a coward. He thinks WWE will misuse him. That’s the reason why he will always be in TNA. It has nothing to do with loyalty.

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