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Strong Sales For CM Punk – Best in the World, WWE ’13 Unboxing With Kofi Kingston

– Sales for WWE’s CM Punk – Best in the World DVD and Blu-ray were strong in its first week of release. The DVD sold 28,938 copies for $576,472 and the Blu-ray version sold 23,272 for $581,571. It was No. 19 in overall DVD sales and No. 9 in Blu-Ray. No other sports titles ranked nearly as well.

– WWE has published a video of Kofi Kingston unboxing THQ’s WWE ’13 video game. WWE teases, “Check out what awesome surprises lay in store for the WWE Universe with WWE’s latest and most innovative video game ever!”

YouTube Preview Image

– WWE returns to the Bercy Sports Palace in Paris, France on April 20, 2013. Tickets go on sale November 19 at 10:00 a.m.

(source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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  • Cornbread

    Just like to say to all the cunts that say “CM Punk can’t draw”


  • Lisa

    Who the fuck is buying that sewer rat’s crappy DVD? It must be his dick-sucking internet marks. The same idiots that are pressing the dislike button right now.

  • Z…..

    watched the dvd a couple of weeks ago online. It was awesome

  • andrew

    Hey lisa I got a dick you can suck.

  • blake

    not a fan of punk, but any wwe produced dvd is the same shit

  • Lisa

    Andrew, I’m not the dick sucking type. Sucking a man’s dick is degrading and stupid. I would care less if every other woman is doing it because I am my own type of girl and I don’t engage in such bullshit. I suggest you contact some of your fellow CM Punk asskissers, I’m sure they wouldn’t have a problem sucking your pint-sized dick.

  • blake

    why do i have a weird feeling that Lisa & Chelsii are actually guys in real life?

  • EC

    Because they refuse to suck your dick?

  • Mike

    Hey Lisa, you need a new schtick. You’re basically saying the same thing about everyone on here, when it comes to wrestlers. Insert name ‘here’ sucks balls, how does he have fans? Rabble rabble rabble. 😛

  • DC

    it’s a fucking troll, stop feeding it.

  • SoWii

    Bought the DVD yesterday, cant wait to watch it!

  • SDotC

    Fun fact: By “not the dick-sucking type”, Lisa means she’s 300lbs. There is no such thing as an attractive 18-year-old woman in 2012 that does not suck dick. She’s either a man, a liar, or just so hideous that no one wants her. Batista has taught us that fat girls love Cena. I’m sure ugly girls do, too.

    Besides, if troll-cunt had any self esteem, she wouldn’t be such a troll cunt. She purposefully posts here, not to share her opinion, but to make people hate her because the only reaction she’s ever gotten from a man is abuse (or laughter at her expense).

    Lisa: The WWE, it’s employees including your beloved Cena, and the vast majority of wrestling fans love CM Punk. You lose. So go shove your repulsive horse-face in some Haagen Dazs, shove those fat fingers where no penis dares to tread and leave us the fuck alone. Or kill yourself. I’d be okay with that, too.

  • rob

    hey Lisa….go die

  • Lisa

    SDotC, shut up you imbecile. It’s funny how you make stupid assumptions and say that I’m fat. I am a model you idiot. That should give you an hint of what I look like. To cut the long story short, I am a goddess. I am hot, sexy and beautiful. You can die of jealousy if you wish, I don’t give a fuck. And about dick sucking, since is seems to concern you so much, I’ll tell you this. It is unhygienic and stupid IMO. That’s why I don’t and will never do it. A man would be mistaken to expect me to go down on my knees, open my mouth and suck his dirty dick. Other people can suck dicks as they wish but it is not in my vocabulary. I don’t do things just because other people do them. Rob, fuck you.

  • Alejandro

    ^ If you claim to be a hot, sexy, beautiful model then show us a picture of yourself.

  • Lisa

    Alejandro, you wanna see a picture of me, don’t you? Awww… how sweet. But lest I forget, aren’t you a member of the Assholes Club? The idiots that disagree with each and every one of my opinions? The imbecels that thumb down each and every one of my posts on this site? The CM Punk ass-kissers? And you expect me to give you a treat of a lifetime by showing you my photograph? I can assure you though that if I did that, your mouth would probably run dry. This may seem arrogant (I would care less because it is true) but I am one of the hottest and most beautiful women in America and in the entire world at large. However, I am open to the idea of showing my pictures to everyone on this site but on the condition that they behave themselves and show some respect.

  • Chelsii.

    ^ Lol.

  • FacePuncher

    Double motherfucking LOL

    So she’s the hottest girl in America, she’s 18, she’s been watching wrestling since 1999 so that’s automatically longer than anyone else (I’ve been watching since ’91 btw, longer than she’s been alive appanrently) and she knows absolutley everything about the wrestling business even more than the people who run wrestling companies no matter how big or small. On the downside she doesn’t suck dick (but probably expects to get oral herself). Damn. Almost the perfect woman. LOL LOL LOL

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