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SumerSlam 2016 Results: AJ Styles Pins John Cena, Again

Crowd loves AJ Styles. John Cena absorbs the boos likes a professional. Styles pays attention to the crowd too much and gets caught by Cena. Styles counters the AA with a Pele kick and then right into the Styles clash. Cena kicks out. Cena gets the AA this time for a two count.

Cena tries for another AA off the middle rope. Styles gets out and uses a torture rack. He shakes Cena in the air and drops him for a two count. Interesting looking scoop slam from Cena, showing his strength. Styles avoids the STF and gets the AA on Cena, which he drops him across his knee. Springboard 450 splash misses from Styles and Cena follows with a version of the Canadian destroyer from Petey Williams.

Styles comes off the ropes and Cena grabs his leg to lock in the STF. We get a reversal from Styles, who slaps on the calf crusher. Of course Cena doesn’t tap. Several submission reversals between the two. Cena with a tornado DDT off the second rope. Cena gets the log drop off the top rope for a two count. Cena chants are getting louder. Cena is placed on the middle rope and Styles is on the apron. Styles with a frankensteiner and flying forearm, but Cena kicks out. Cena has him in the AA and he goes to the middle rope. Styles tries fighting out but the AA connects. Somehow, Styles kicks out. Crowd is doing the Yes! chant. Cena doesn’t know what to do. He’s perplexed.

Cena tries for another AA and it’s turned into a Styles clash. Styles off the apron with another flying forearm. Finally, we get a three count. What a match. Crowd gives Cena, who leaves his ‘never give up’ armband in the ring, the respect he deserves.

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