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SummerSlam 2016 Results: No Contest, Reigns Beats Rusev Silly

It’s time to see who gets to walk out of Brooklyn (or, at least, SummerSlam, since RAW is here again tomorrow night) as the United States Champion. Worth noting that, for Roman Reigns, he wasn’t in either major title match, but this one is going on after each of them, just shy of the main event. Not sure it matters much, but I did find it interesting.

Rusev, before the match even began, goes on a major attack, brutally beating Roman and sending him outside where he proceeded to use the ring steps on Reigns. Roman was able to reverse an Irish whip, sending Rusev into the timekeeper’s area before landing a Superman punch-and yet, the match still hadn’t begun.

Rusev’s idea to attack Reigns backfired, however, as Roman got the best of it, returning fire with fists and chairs before officials could finally send Reigns to the back.¬† Then it was announced that Rusev was declared by the doctor to be unfit to fight tonight, at which point Reigns came back out and speared¬† Rusev.


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