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SummerSlam 2016 Results: Brock Bloodies Orton

It’s the match 14 years in the making, Brock Lesnar versus Randy Orton. Suplex City versus ViperVille.

Brock came out of the gates like a raging bull-Orton tried to frustrate Lesnar by circling the ring a few times, but Orton finally got cornered, and pummeled.

Lesnar was in charge for a great chunk of the match-nailing seven German suplexes and putting Orton through one table. As he was about to make it two tables, Orton woke up to drill an RKO out of nowhere, and finally show signs of life. He followed up the RKO with his signature 2nd rope DDT, and yet another RKO, but it wasn’t enough to put Lesnar away.

Orton went to his dark place, looking to punt Lesnar in the head, but Brock reversed it into an F5-but it still wasn’t enough.

Brock, in frustration, ripped off his MMA gloves and went into full ground and pound, busting Orton open and leaving a puddle of blood. The doctors stepped in to stop it, but Lesnar shoved them away and kept assaulting Orton, which ultimately lead to the match being called for a medical stoppage-officially, the match was awarded to Brock via TKO.

Post match, Lesnar continued to assault Orton, which brought Shane McMahon down-and he got an F5 for his visit, too.

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