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SummerSlam 2016 Results: Charlotte Makes Sasha Banks’ Title Reign Short-Lived

Sasha Banks gets in Charlotte’s face before the official introductions.

Early Banks statement and Charlotte heads to the outside to regroup. Sasha takes a nasty bump off the top rope. Charlotte basically drops Sasha from the top rope and she lands across the ropes and turnbuckle. Now, Charlotte is focusing on the back.

Charlotte tries a razor’s edge off the top rope. Sasha counters into a hurricanrana. Wow! Sasha now works on Charlotte’s back. Charlotte tries for a suplex to the outside while on the ropes. Sasha sends Charlotte to the outside and hits the double knees.

Back in the ring, Charlotte’s natural selection is countered into the Bank’s statement. Charlotte gets out and is back in control. Charlotte screams “she’s better.” Tilt a whirl turned into the Bank’s statement. It’s in deep and Charlotte turns it into a surprise three count. Crowd is in disbelief.

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