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SummerSlam 2016 Results: JeriKO End Enzo & Big Cass’ Brooklyn Homecoming

Enzo & Big Cass out to a massive pop because this is a Brooklyn crowd. Enzo starts dropping some Biggie Smalls lines. Great to see the crowd remembers Biggie Smalls all these years later. We hear a little Frank Sinatra and perhaps Billy Joel. Don’t hold me on the last one.

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens jump the hometown boys. They trade for control until Jericho hits a knee off the middle rope against Enzo’s skull. Jericho and Owens making frequent tags and work on Enzo.

Big Cass is finally tagged in with shoulder tackles, splashes and boots to the face. Jericho off the top rope and right into a big boot. Enzo and Big Cass go for their finisher but Owens drops Enzo on the top rope. Owens sends Cass into the barricade and follows with a rolling senton.

In the ring, Owens tosses Enzo in the air and Jericho with the codebreaker. Not the best codebreaker, but it’s enough for the victory. The announce team calls it just enough. Owens and Jericho say they love each other heading up the ramp.

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