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Swagger Gets a Win, DiBiase Loses, Regal Coming Up on 30 Years, Snitch, Graves

– WWE NXT star Corey Graves turns 29 years old today.

– The Rock’s “Snitch” is expected to do $12 million at the box office this weekend.

– William Regal say he will be wrestling on WWE’s tour of the UK this April. He tweeted:

“I’ve been told I will be on the UK Raw tour in April.Spoil yourselves and come and see my almost 45 year old carcass in trunks.#Propertreat. I’m thinking of having a 30th year anniversary (it will be 30 years since my first match in August)T Shirt made for this tour.”

– Jack Swagger worked last night’s WWE live event in Waco, Texas. He defeated Sin Cara.

– Ted DiBiase also worked last night’s live event, losing to Fandango. DiBiase tweeted:

“Wrestling for first time in 2 months tonight! #BlownUp??”

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  • Chelsii

    Swagger… is safe. <3

    • Ap

      What message do you think wwe sending to its fans and the rest of the locker room?

      • Danny Morgan

        smoke weed everyday

        • Ap

          That is not a good thing to teach little children to do, because most of their audience is kids and parents are not going to let them watch wwe

          • Chelsii

            Hey, hey, hey, hey… last time I checked 5 year olds didn’t read dirtsheets or use computers. They wouldn’t so brain dead if they did. The people who don’t know about Swagger being arrested are the fans who don’t use the internet. So, like 99% of them.

          • so you actually believe all this crap about swagger because TMZ reported it?…the very same TMZ that was reported as WWE being ok with them ‘breaking’ news? and by the way Ap…most of WWEs audience is NOT children…only 21% of its audience is kiddie age…get your facts straight

          • YM5

            why not? its good for you

          • Jordan Legacy

            It’s not like the first thing we are gonna see on Raw this Monday is “Breaking News! Jack Swagger got arrested for DUI and marijuana possession! However, he is STILL safe on the roster, and now you will here him with his manager Zeb Colter address the WWE Universe on why weed is cool!” The kids will probably have no clue it even happened, and if a parent stops there kid from watching WWE for that, they need to get over themselves.

        • Opie Taylor

          WEED THE PEOPLE!

      • Rob

        That weed should be legal already.

  • I like swagger even more now…I’ma go smoke a bowl

  • Y2J

    I was actually liking the DiBiase Posse from awhile back, and I would like to see him get the IC or US title soon.

  • jcice13

    teddy loses???? now that’s news, when was his last W?

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