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Talk Of Shield Member Turning Heel, Possible WrestleMania Match

The Shield might have just reunited as a stable, but WWE is already looking towards the future. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there has been talk of Dean Ambrose turning heel and working a WrestleMania match against Seth Rollins.

After having their way and taking out all challengers, Seth Rollins disbanded the group by taking out Roman Reigns and Ambrose; while aligning with The Authority. Ambrose and Rollins would trade wins as they battled for months.

With WrestleMania being months away, plans may change. The idea for Roman Reigns since the start of the year was a match against Brock Lesnar.

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  • Zack

    New JoJo leaks!! Full naked assssss. No joke ????????

    • Someguy

      Link please or it didn’t happen.?

      • Zack

        thefappeningblog. There’s a forum for celebrity leaks. Because JoJo is recent, she should be at the top ?

        • FacePuncher

          Nice. Hope they post that pic in the mirror uncensored soon

        • Someguy

          Thank you.?

  • Mark B.

    No more heel turns for the Shield. Once was bad enough.

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