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Taz Says He Spoke To WWE About His New Radio Show

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Taz, who now works on his own radio show for CBS Radio, apparently spoke to WWE about bringing the series to the WWE Network. It doesn’t sound like the discussions got too deep.

“People tell me every week that ‘The Taz Show’ would be great on the WWE Network,” said Taz to Sports Illustrated. “They had interest in it, and we did have talks with them. The talks didn’t go far, but you have to understand that my bosses [at CBS Radio] are not going to allow my content to be tweaked or tainted with, and the show is not the show with me having a filter. The show is the show because it’s unfiltered. I’m speaking from the heart and giving my true opinion. That doesn’t mean I’m right–I’m just giving my opinion built on three decades of experience in every facet of the wrestling business. My opinion is formed off experience, and I don’t think WWE wants that, at least not to that degree.”

After Taz left WWE, he spent several years in TNA.

For more, like his Taz’s thoughts on the brand extension and NXT, please click here.

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