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Tensai Makes Racial Remark In First Tout, Best of Road Warriors, Ezekiel Jackson

– Tensai made a racial remark in his first Tout video post. Noting he was traveling with his personal chauffeur Sakamoto to Indianapolis—the site of tonight’s SmackDown taping—following Raw, he remarks it’s “very, very dangerous” to drive with a Japanese person. He then slaps Sakamoto as he’s driving and orders him “to open his eyes.”

WWE.com has uploaded a playlist of The Road Warriors’ greatest moments. Highlights include defeating The Nasty Boys to win the WWF Tag Team Championship, clashing with The Midnight Express in the dangerous Scaffold Match, a WarGames Match against The Four Horsemen at The Great American Bash in 1987, a match against Harlem Heat in 1996 and more.

– Ezekiel Jackson, who has sparingly appeared at WWE events in recent weeks, noted on Twitter that he will not be on hand for tonight’s SmackDown taping in Indianapolis, Indiana.

– Alicia Fox paid a visit to Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health on Tuesday prior to SmackDown. The WWE Diva sent out a Tout noting her appearance.

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  • Coolquip

    Wow it’s been a rough 24 hours for WWE

  • Parkour King

    That’s racist but very entertaining(did sako feel offended), to me a slap in the face on raw was more offensive.
    I’ll forgive the comments this time, but knowing the yanks pretend to be against racism this will carry on forever.

  • Joseph Graves

    Awesome!! No Ezekiel at Samackdown. And I may be the only one that thinks the Road Warriors are one of the most over rated tag teams ever.

  • Jon

    Im guessing this is a work for the purpose of furthering the storyline where Sakamoto will turn on Tensai. I hope that when he does turn, WWE actually use him well as a wrestler.

  • Jon

    In all likelyhood it was a joke based from his time in Japan the last several years, where he was the top Gaijin star.

  • Muscleman

    A day of negative press for WWE. First, pyro goes wrong, causing fire. Secondly, AW makes a uncalled-for sexual assault ‘joke’. And now Tensai in a racism scam. Vince must be bitting his nails right now.

  • Peter Ballack

    @Joseph Graves: No, you’re not simply “the only person who thinks Road Warriors are overrated”. However the fact that you do have that opinion, makes you an idiot.

  • Big Nic

    @Peter Ballack I agree with you. @Joseph Graves how did you come up with if opinion. You must be a young wrestling fan who does not remember the warriors in their hay days.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I hope they don’t punish Tensai for that because, frankly, I’ve always thought WWE to be a bit racist toward Asians anyway. It would be hypocritical of them, IMO. It’s been an alarmingly long time since someone of east Asian ancestry has been pushed at all in the WWE. Yoshi Tatsu’s pretty talented, and if nothing else, they could put him in a solid tag team. But he’s been treated largely as a joke, starting with that uber-irritating theme song (which I understand is sort of supposed to be a nod to DDR but come on – Santino’s a ‘joke character’ and his theme song is awesome.) And then, of course, Sakamoto is reputedly a talented wrestler, but he as a real Asian gets pushed around by a fake Asian in Tensai.

    First off, they should just accept that the gimmick didn’t get over and let Tensai wrestle as Albert since that’s what the crowd calls him anyway. Then they should allow Yoshi Tatsu and Sakamoto to wrestle – or, better yet, team them up.

  • Mindy

    Alicia Fox is a great person.

  • havok

    they push a white guy pretending to be japanese over a guy who is japanese….that could be seen as racist

  • WrestlingHarold

    Tensai Albert or what other name he is called sucks. Why did the WWE brought (matt bloom) back is beyond me. When he and the late Test were tagging up as T&A he sucked. Time to get rid if Tensai. As putting Sakamoto and tatsu together as a tag team is good if the WWE puts more effort in to promoting that devision.

  • Manny


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