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Tensai Reportedly Deemed A Flop By WWE Officials, Possibly Being Repackaged

Tensai failed to impress WWE officials in his pinfall victory over John Cena on the April 16 Raw SuperShow in London, England and was deemed “a flop” as a result. He was initially pegged to face Cena at the company’s Over the Limit and No Way Out pay-per-view events but his poor showing in the main event match led to his push being curtailed and Big Show taking his place. WWE also canceled plans for summer live events to be headlined by Tensai and John Laurinaitis vs. Cena, instead replacing the former tattoo artist with Big Show.

Though Tensai has yet to be defeated on television, he suffered his first pinfall loss before a WWE crowd in a dark match following Monday’s Raw SuperShow—to Cena. He is being largely relegated to WWE Superstars while his character is retooled. He has already undergone tweaks as he appeared sans robe, competed more aggressively and had his named modified within the past two weeks. More changes could be in the works as there was talk this past week of additional modifications.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Rg41982

    Please dammit give this guy a freaking chance.

  • wweiceman96

    The reason the finish to the Cena match was botched is because Cena never sells a sitout move properly. And this is not me hating on Cena, but if you look at all of Cena’s matches in his career, he’s never sold those type of moves correctly. It’s weird.

    Faulting Tensai for guys who can’t sell (no offence to CM Punk) is not exactly the way to go, IMO.

  • bob

    they shoulda just brought him back in as albert since most fans already know who he is. making him some japanese warrior bs was just stupid as hell

  • Jimmy

    I think the audience would agree that Tensai is a flop. They couldn’t care less about anything he does.

  • TonyT

    He never really got ‘over’ even when he was apart of T&A, with Trish. Then when he started singling as ‘Albert’, and ‘A-Train’…he was STILL having troubles getting taken seriously.

    I don’t know if any ‘retooling’ or ‘repackaging’ this guy will ever get him ‘over’. As you always hear about this business…some guys just have that ‘look’…while others don’t.

  • Peter Ballack

    And yet again, WWE won’t admit that it’s their own fault.

    No disrespect intended to Albert but he’s hardly ever been known as a great ring talent. Even in his first WWE run, he struggled to get over with each of his three gimmicks. If anything, the only thing that was ever over with the fans was his hairy back.

    But that aside, WWE should have debuted this guy as Albert or A-Train. Everybody knows him as Albert and for WWE to change his gimmick and almost entirely ignore his previous persona is laughable. To top it off, they gave him a Japanese gimmick despite the fact that he does not look or resemble a Japanese wrestler in the slightest (even with his kimono).

    Bad gimmick, bad storyline, average wrestler.
    WWE deserve 100% of the blame for his ‘flop’.

  • havok

    push him as a-train

  • Jayson

    They hardly hyped his return, buried his past gimmick(s), they gave him maybe one short promo, no real foe just yet (he plays the back seat to Laurinitas against Cena), he returned the same time as Lesnar, his winning streak paled in comparison to the simultaneous Brodus Clay, and Ryback streaks.
    He can’t take the world by storm and they should know this.

  • Jbreed

    Why don’t they put more effort into making a new star instead of wasting time with Tensai?

  • Mindy

    pelican fly

  • KayPax

    Albertttttt!! Albertttttt!! Albertttttt!!

  • sal

    just make him come out on raw and sht on the gimmick wwe gave him and just let him be matt bloom. then he can run down the fans for calling him albert then attack jerry the boring lawler and take then him out for cheap heat

  • glitch

    @wweiceman96 i don’t know what makes me shake my head more, the fact that you’re saying that you’re not hating on cena and yet blaming him for botching in a match he wasn’t even in, or the fact that so many ppl gave you the thumbs up when your comment wasn’t even based on a real incident involving cena, just blind cena hate.

  • why don’t wwe just bring back tomko or bring in Karl Anderson so he can have a dominant run at the tag titles

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