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Tension Between John Cena and Vince McMahon After Cena’s Surgery?

– Former WWE writer Court Bauer joined Konnan and Mister Saint Laurent on MLW Radio and talked about the friction between John Cena and Vince McMahon regarding Cena’s surgery last week:

“John Cena has this procedure done in Birmingham, AL. WWE.com puts out there that he’ll be down for only two weeks and that life will go on. It was basically like removal of fragments and bone spurs in his arm or his elbow, which if you follow sports, baseball players have it done all the time, usually in the office season. NFL guys will have it done here or there. It’s a pretty easy deal. So, I don’t think anyone was thinking it was going to be this long stretched out thing, but then the reports came out about how long John Cena was going to be down for. John Cena then took to Twitter saying that WWE.com got the story wrong and that he’s going to be out for a full six [weeks] and he just buried WWE.com and all the guys over there. The story obviously then switched to ‘now he’s out six weeks.'”

“From what I know, Vince McMahon himself, in the agent meeting, the producers meeting, told everyone straight up the dude is out for just two weeks, ‘we dodged a bullet and that he’s very much in the mix moving forward.’ That was Tuesday, he said that. Then Cena had very different things to say and I understand WWE.com did talk to James Andrews [Cena’s doctor], who WWE and Cena did give them the blessing to talk to. That’s standard protocol at WWE. They always try to interview the doctor, get insight so they can have the news. Sometimes it’s a kayfabe site and sometimes it’s a legit news site. Sometimes it’s a TMZ site, but that’s the story. They interviewed him and Dr. James Andrews did say he’d be out just two weeks.”

“So you have to wonder if Vince and the doctor said it and Cena is saying six weeks, there is an interesting issue there. Is it that John Cena wanted the full six weeks out? Was John Cena then told something after Tuesdays that conflicted with this? But it was very quickly thereafter they reported it on the website that this was not in fact the situation. The reality of it is, John Cena is coming off a divorce, he’s beaten up. He’s got a bad neck, a bad hip, bad everything. He’s closing in on 36. The wear and tear of a guy like that, that goes, goes, goes and is a company man, you gotta think about.”

“And if you’re Vince McMahon, you look at the clock, you look at the calendar and you think, is it time to build the next John Cena?”

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  • J.

    If this is true and ONLY IF THIS IS TRUE then John Cena should stay off the 6 weeks he feels he needs and for Vince to just back off. Whether you like John Cena or not (liked him better during his jersey wearing, rapping days), the guy has carried the wwe as the face of that company for years and if anyone deserves time off it’s Cena.

  • snoopy

    this is what happens, when u put all the money on one guy.

  • Sean

    I hate the character ‘Cena’ but with that being said he’s been the face for the last however many years. It wouldn’t hurt WWE to have him off TV for a few months for him to recover and for them to really focus on building for life without Cena. They still have Punk, D-bry, Orton, Sheamus and Ziggler to work with.

  • Fuck Off

    John Cena has not had time off in years. He’s banged up to all hell, and all Vince can think about is wanting him back in the ring as soon as possible. I know John loves the business, but he needs to heal his injuries to a certain extent or risk a massive one that could shorten his career.

  • Mick

    They are wrong. There must’ve been misinterpretation on WWE.com’s part. For one, how do these two non-WWE guys know the true scoop on this? Furthermore, them reporting 14 days is true, if explained better. Cena would need to take 14 days to just rest. Then 4 or so weeks in rehabbing.

  • Joseph

    There should have started building the next John Cena 4 years ago. It will be awesome when Cena retires. I cannot wait for that day to come. So sick of him being shoved down my throat. His face on every single thing the WWE brings out, every storyline revolving around him (Zack Ryder, John Laurinitis) while he continues to have the same match for 7 years straight.

  • Richie

    Vince needs to use his head before he causes another Edge situation…Cena has to be so banged up he can prolly barely get out of bed…if that wear and tear is not given time to heal, it will force Cena to retire just as it did Edge! (Yes, i know Edge’s case was much worse than what Cena is right now…but it could happen to him as well)!

  • michelle

    John Cena is the only person knows how bad the injury is and WWE and Vince needs to stop pushing John Cena so hard because its going to come down to one day that wwe/vince is going to regret for pushing John Cena to hard and John Cena nees to take some time off from wwe so he can heal completely 100% but Vince don’t want that he whether have john 50% ready not 100% and VInce needs to back off because he doesn’t know the truth behind the injury and how bad it was.

  • Lee

    i think Cena should get his 6 weeks off and not be rushed back. I dont like the character but respect what hes done outside the ring. Hes been huge with Make A Wish and all the other work hes done. Theres no reason to rush him to come back. Hes in his mid 30s now and isnt gonna heal like he used to. They can name another #1 contender then give him a chance later.

  • Striker9

    He should heal up the way he sees fit. Fuck what vince and the WWE say because when something really bad happens like a death or a severe injury…..in the end they say the wrestlers are self employed and just under contract. Maybe they should start seriously looking at medical benifits for these wrestlers…they have the money for it.

  • Real Kosher

    why does anyone even believe this? Its coming from an ex writer…dude is just assuming BS…wow

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