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The Bellas Appear on Kimmel, Backstage News on HHH, Jericho

– The Bella Twins made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, pulling a prank on one of Jimmy’s security guards. The video is below:

– After Chris Jericho seemed bothered by Triple H’s RAW comments on Tuesday morning, he tweeted late last night and says it’s no big deal. A fan wrote that what Triple H said about Jericho was completely untrue and unfair. Jericho replied:

“No big deal. Always nice to be mentioned on Raw.”

– While there’s constant praise for Triple H making changes to WWE, there’s been talk within the company that maybe he is trying to take over too much too soon. There’s a feeling that maybe he’s overworked right now.

Partial source: PWInsider

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  • P1

    HHH burying Y2J; yet, Y2J has always been a better wrestler

    • Rako

      Bleh…its pro-wrestling, its a cut throat business. Rock never held back from burying Triple H back in AE, atleast jericho is now an established star, HHH was a rising star back then.

      if you can’t take sh*t, you don’t belong.

      • Trey Doss

        if im correct rock never buried hhh

      • P1

        When did the Rock bury HHH? Example?

    • Dean_Ambrose_Fan

      Triple H is a excellent wrestler and so is Chris Jericho. So I can’t say that Chris Jericho is better than Triple H.

      • P1

        I never said HHH wasn’t a great wrestler; as I ‘ve said before I’m a fan of his. I still think Y2J is better though.

        • Jordan

          Y2J far out preforms HHH on the mic I think. They are both extremely good though in comparison to what the pool is now, my guess is HHH is hating life cause Y2J wont stay and they need someone solid all around.

  • IamLisa

    The idiotic members of the IWC have a very shallow memory. HHH is and has always been a talented wrestler. For those of you who do not seem to remember, just go to YouTube and asses his character development (especially as a heel), mic and in-ring work from late 1999 to 2007. Terrific. One of the best of all time.

    • P1

      Assess** “asses his character” makes no sense and made me lol.

    • PlanoStu

      Coming from someone who thinks Daniel Bryan is lousy and should stay Mid Card. He’s a way better technical wrestler than HHH ever was. Wouldn’t have had half the push if he wasn’t Mr. Stephanie McMahon. True, oh its damn true.

  • Dean_Ambrose_Fan

    Wow WWE just figured that out he is trying to take over too soon?. I don’t work for WWE but it doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out.

  • rusty jones

    He stunk then he started banging the owners daughter

  • PlanoStu

    If anyone wants to compile a true list of the top WWE stars of the past 20 years, HHH probably wouldn’t crack anyone’s top 10, especially if you take ALL aspects into consideration, ring skills, mic skills, “it” factor….

    Fact is, we all know he is “King of Kings”, because he is Mr. Stephanie McMahon and spawned Vince’s grandkids.

    • Jordan

      HHH’s claim to fame is the water spit, lets be real 😛

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