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Big Show Speaks on Not Fighting Back Against HHH’s Regime

WWE published a storyline interview with The Big Show who revealed why he can’t fight back against Triple H’s regime.

“There are guys in the locker room who look up to me and they want me to turn loose, they want me to help lead the charge,” Big Show said. “I don’t know how to express it to them any other way: I’m not in a position now where I can do that. I have things that are personal and important to me that I’m responsible for.”

Speaking of The Big Show, he will be appearing on behalf of the Army National Guard at the National Guard Booth on the Coney Island Boardwalk, located on 1310 Surf Avenue in Brooklyn, NY this Sunday from 11am – 1pm. More information on the event can be found at this link.

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  • [B]ANExx

    They made Big Show a boring character – an out-of-control 7ft monster running amock and destroying stuff in a fit of rage? COOL!! a 7ft crybaby sitting in the corner watching through crocodile tears?? BORING AS ALL HELL.

    I hope they are going somewhere cool with the character development here, but right now it reaks of “oh no Henry and Big Show were supposed to feud with Shield and no Henry is injured – what do we do?? OMG ARHRHRHRHGHGHHGGHGHHHH!!!!!!” WWE just seem lost with the story as it relates to Big Show right now…

  • Macho Man

    One thing you can NEVER accuse The Big Show of is not being a team player! WWE has continually put The Big Show in some of the dummest gimmicks and made him lose at damn near every Wrestlemania he’s been in and he seems to just take it in stride. I never hear him complain about the way they book his character at all. His current storyline is just the worst ever for him in my opinion. A broke, crying, 7ft tall 450 pound giant! Can you imagine WWF/WWE having Andre The Giant walking around crying back in the day? It’s almost like they have no respect for Big Show or they just take advantage of his willingness to be a team player and go along with whatever. As a long time pro wrestling fan and more of a WWF/WWE fan than a WCW fan, I will very RARELY say WCW did anything better than WWE did. However I will say in my opinion WCW used Big Show who was called The Giant in WCW MUCH better and got the most bang for they’re buck with his character. In WCW The Giant rarely lost and when he did it was only to one of the top faces in the company. I wish WWE would use him like that. A guy that’s 7ft tall and weighs 450 pounds should not be losing more than winning and walking around crying! Come on WWE, you can do better than this!

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