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The British Bulldog’s Daughter Responds To Tammy Sytch’s Affair Claims

Kayfabe Commentaries released a preview of their “YouShoot” with WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch on Thursday where the trailblazing Diva revealed that she had an affair with “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith while the two worked together years ago in the World Wrestling Federation. Georgia Smith, the daughter of the late wrestler, addressed Sytch’s allegations Friday via Twitter.

“I have been contacted/tweeted about the whole Sunny “Affair” regarding my dad… I don’t want to give this topic any attention. But that is complete lies and with what my brother, my mother and what my family have been through, she should have more respect,” she wrote.

“Also, I don’t know What she gets out of boasting/bragging about sleeping with thousands of wrestlers? That is pretty sad/pathetic.”

She continued, “Don’t worry people. I’m not letting it get to me. :) But I am aware of her comments and… She’s got problems and likes attention!”

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  • Sunnys a whore & nothing more….

  • rob

    Worthless fucking whore….

  • TheBigMan

    Georgia pretty much hit the nail right on the head. Sunny has problems BIG TIME and she likes attention.

  • Muscleman

    Tammy Sytch is an attention-seeking slut. I however do think that she’s probably saying the truth here. Because let’s face it, she was as hot as fire in the 90s and any normal man (especially her wrestler colleagues) would have lusted after her. And as ‘generous’ as Sunny was (and still is) she obviously had no problem opening her legs for any man who showed interest. But the question is: Why the fuck is she bringing it up now, especially considering the fact that the man involved is late? Shameless bitch.

  • Bad News Bro


    That’s exactly why she’s doing it. Even if it did happen, if Davey was still alive, he would still deny that he ever did. Whether or not they did or didn’t, there’s no one who can definitively call her a liar, so she took advantage of that. It’s sick, really. The facts will probably never be truly known, but even in the hypothetical scenario that Sunny did fuck Daveyboy, to come out and say that, long after he has passed and can’t defend his actions, is just flat out insensitive to both his memory and, more importantly, his wife and children.

  • Chelsii.

    Even if it did happen or it didn’t happen. I hope Georgia Smith slaps the taste out of her mouth and Harry snaps her current toy (Damien something) in half.

  • Big Nic

    Kelly Kelly did the same thing. I don’t see y’all getting upset at her. For those who don’t know who Chris Jerhicio. What Tammy did was tell the truth after the fact. But let’s ask the women something here. Do you not think Davey’s wife did not think something was up. She did call Tammy to let her know that Davey had died. What woman do you know that will let her husband be friends with someone as hot as Tammy was back then and not think something was up. Maybe Tammy wanted to come clean however I do think she should have told Davey’s wife first but going public.

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