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The Honky Tonk Man Discusses Real Backstage Fight Between HBK & Bret Hart

Footage of The Honky Tonk Man has recently surfaced online where he talks about several disputes in the wrestling industry. In the video, Honky talked about the backstage fight between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in 1997 when he was also with the WWF:

“I saw Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels down on the floor in Hartford, Connecticut, they cannot deny it happened because it did happen,” he said. “They were in the locker room down on the floor, pulling at each other’s hair. They had to be separated, and it had nothing to do with professional wrestling. It had to do with a personal vendetta that they had against each other. These were just two guys who could not co-exist anymore in the same locker room. It did finally culminate to the Montreal Screwjob.”

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  • Lara_P1

    Down on the floor and pulling each other’s hair…lol…sounds more like a catfight than 2 men fighting.

    • Devon

      Well HBK is one of the biggest pussies in the wrestling business along wit his butt buddy HHH. They are both giant bitches

      • They aren’t bitches and I know for a fact you wouldn’t say it to their face.

        • The Batman

          I can guarantee you wouldn’t get whooped by HBK for saying it to his face.

          • Rotnerd

            Agree. HBK is a talent in the ring and is on of the best but he is a scum bag. For a fact I have no issue saying to any of there faces. Really, who is scared of humans in real life. I get if they are murderers, terrorist no care for life but these are old men.What will they do ? Hit me? Okay. good for them, I would continue with my life and he could have a coke and a smile and stfu.

    • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

      On the Bret vs Shawn dvd, Bret actually refers to it as ‘our catfight in Hartford.’ Shawn also got the sh*t kicked out of him by Marty in a hotel fight, Marty beat his punk as$ to a bloody pulp. Bret DID knock Vince out cold with a single punch in the dressing room, however, and then Shawn started crying. So I think you can see who was the biatch and who was the butch.

      • Don’t believe any of it. And even if its true u shouldn’t be telling people about it you should have some respect for the legend HBK and try to hide it. I mean seriously come on grow up

        • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

          Watch the Bret vs Shawn doc, read their books, & then watch the Wrestling With Shadows doc, and you will no longer be ignorant. But you strike me as someone who is willingly ignorant, so just shut it.

          PS- watch Bam Bam Bigelow’s shoot interview on youtube where he talks about Shawn sleeping with Sunny while she was with Chris Candido, and how Shawn & Diesel were joking around about how funny it would be if Candido killed himself…THEN tell me Shawn is a good guy.

          • Thebroskie

            He is a good guy

          • The People’s Champion

            yeah this guy pretty much believes anything he reads on a has-been’s biography lol. Ofcourse he’l put some controversial stuff in his doc/book to sell it. Thats the whole point. Its idiots like you that take it on face value.

      • Alejandro

        Don’t forget the marines beat the crap out of Shawn too lol. Shawn was lucky that he didn’t get fired back in the day for pulling all the backstage politic crap.

      • The People’s Champion

        Marty prolly was butthurt for his career going south lol and must’ve beaten up an inebriated michaels… as for Bret hitting VInce, yeah Real tough guy to punch an old man out when he least expected it…

        • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

          First of all, the fight between Shawn & Marty happened in a crowded hotel while The Rockers were still together, all the talent witnessed it and have talked about it.That fight is what led to their split. Michaels refused to go to tv the next day because his face was so swollen. Secondly, Vince & Bret were only a few years apart in age and the KO punch happened after the Montreal screw job, so if Vince wasnt expecting it he is an idiot. Once again, witnessed by all the talent, no one denies it but ignorant fools like yourself who have no effing clue what you’re talking about. If you’re ignorant of something that’s fine, but until you have listened to or read all of the eye-witness accounts, just shut the hell up. These are not controversial statements, all these things are agreed upon by all who were involved or witnessed the events.

          • The People’s Champion

            you prolly believe in all those 911 conspiracy theories too.. good luck with that.. Apparently the eye witnesses come out only a few years later after they’re let go by the industry and try to grab some eyes with controversial remarks. Kenny Dykstra is a good example

  • micky pehrson

    I don’t understand why montreal still gets talked about. Shawn and Bret and Vince are past it and moved on and it’s like other people are stuck back in 97. i get it it was a big and important moment but who cares they’re both done wrestling now anyway

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