The Iron Sheik Rants on Glenn Beck, New Videos From Swagger & Zeb

- As noted earlier, Glenn Beck ripped WWE for their Zeb Colter character. WWE then invited Beck to Raw this Monday, which Beck turned down. The Iron Sheik took to his Twitter and ripped Beck. Here are a few things he wrote.

“the @glennbeck you are dumbest motherf–ker in the world I wish I see you so i can beat the f–k out of you no good jabroni lowlife”

“the @glennbeck you deserve to be waist deep in dog s–t drink gasoline you insult my fans Im going to beat the f–k out of you dumb b—h”

“%10000 The @glennbeck have raisin b-lls and rice crispy d-ck”

“Eat dog s–t @glennbeck forever”

“The Court Mcgee impress me in the UFC but still the @glennbeck can go f–k his own rice crispy dick #TeamSheikie”

“who deserve to eat dog s–t more than the @glennbeck #RejectedOscars”

- Embedded below are the latest videos from Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter.

  • WrestleDaMania

    Sheikybaby making Beck humble.

  • Rob

    Facking love the Sheiky baby!

  • Scott Davies

    Damn have the shiek on raw to mock him haha

  • Iron Mike Sharpe

    Even though I’m not a cracker, I find these Zeb promos to be quite interesting. Curious to see how this all unfolds… and hope Swagger maintains his push as the WWE once again is as stale as 2 month old bread.

  • DoingMaThing

    LOL The Iron Sheik is hilarious!!! I’m gonna follow him on Twitter :)

  • Kevin Fydrych

    You could tell Swagger has a lisp just by looking at him

    • Thatoneperson

      Who cares

  • TheBigMan

    Sheik’s rants are always funny as hell. Love reading them.

  • The Knight

    I’m reading this in his voice.

  • Sean Patrick

    How is Shieky not on Wrestling Tweets of the Week every week?!

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