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The Miz Expected to Elevate Back to Main Event Status in WWE

Future plans involving The Miz call for him to have a place back at a main event level in WWE.

Miz dropping the Intercontinental title to Kofi Kingston was to help solidify Kingston as a top mid-card star and free up The Miz to work in more important feuds. WWE plan to have Miz face other top talent and get back on track as one of the company’s top talents for the future.

In the WWE’s eyes, Miz has done all the right things and they are very pleased with his consistent improvement on the mic and inside the ring. Miz also gets praised for being very good and willing to do the intense media schedule to promote the company.

Sources also mentioned that The Miz was chosen to be on the cover of the Survivor Series poster as an indication for bigger and better things for him.

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  • Mayback


  • Chelsii.

    You might as well sell the WWE Vince, if Miz is going to be your ‘star’.

  • Kayfabe fan

    Miz as a the face of the company ? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Richie

    Miz is great on the mic…and his ring work is above average! I don’t see the problem with him being in the main event picture! I mean…all i see are ppl complaining about the current main event guys whining that we need someone new…yet when the idea arises, everyone whines about that to!

    I say turn the Miz face! I would like to see what he can do as a face!

  • Will

    You have got to be Kidding me. If JBL is reading this,he just shit his pants. Miz is one of the biggest Heat Seekers Backstage,and is getting moved to Main event status? Its like he’s a miniature Randy Orton except he’s very annoying, and doesn’t deserve to be in the business. SMH

  • mossy

    Thank goodness for that! The first good decision that WWE has made in a long time, since turning Punk heel. Still doesn’t do anything to convince me that WWE isn’t fading big time.

  • captd

    If the miz turn face I want him to feud with big show for giving him wmd a few weeks ago. Also have orton a heel to face sheamus at survivor series.

  • jayman

    Well,If you watch Smackdown, Jbl and Miz buried the hatchet last week during commentary.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @mossy I actually think turning Punk heel when they did was one of the worst decisions WWE’s made in a while because it’s set up this clusterfucked booking we’ve had to deal with to where Punk is going to have to drop the title to one of only two guys. Either Cena or Ryback. And if it’s not now (I don’t think for a second that WWE will put the title on Ryback because they never intended for him to be in Sunday’s match in the first place) it’ll be sometime in the next two or three months. But it’ll be either Cena or Ryback… with a slight chance of Sheamus.

    I think Miz is eventually headed for a face turn because that’s the only sensible way to really work him into a main event feud at this point. Ziggler’s going to become WHC in all likelihood sometime between Sunday and the end of the year, and unless they want to do a feud with Miz/Orton or Miz/Sheamus, he’ll get left out in the cold. I don’t think Miz/Sheamus is happening anytime soon because I believe Sheamus’s next feud will be with Ziggler, and then Barrett, in that order. And Orton’s off filming his movie.

  • Mike

    If Miz ends up turning face, I’m there.

  • brandon

    Soooo many nut suckers around here.

    I don’t like The Miz. Downvote me.

  • Rybork

    Miz has decent and improving ring skills, decent and improving mic skills, but please, he really isn’t a full-time main eventer. The guy can’t look credible to save his life. Everytime he comes out he screams ‘Mid-card’ to me. I just don’t find him interesting as a main eventer.

  • Z…..

    ^add that his finisher looks like a retarded version of the stroke. I just feel that there are other in the company moer deserving, but at the same time, those guys arent in the position they probably should be regardless

  • me

    Best news I’ve heard about the miz in a long time. Can’t wait. Hopefully he becomes world champ again next year.

  • Jbreed

    Don’t worry Miz haters because unless John Cena retires or dies The Miz or anybody else has no chance of becoming the new face of the WWE.

  • FacePuncher

    Slightly off topic but still Miz related…. Who thinks that Miz’s finisher should be called the Mizcarriage?

  • Mindy

    I actually agree with Chelsii, I mean Miz as a main eventer? They forgot how the ratings were when he was the champion.

  • havok

    miz as champion the first time was terrible….his match against cena at wm27 was one of the worst wm main events ever….im not saying hes terrible, but he isnt main event worthy….only in that position because he was on mtv…should he be rewarded for working a busy schedule, sure…but a main event slot would be better for a guy like kofi

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