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The Miz Overseas, Bray Wyatt Talks WWE Theme Song

– The Miz noted on Twitter that he’s currently in Abu Dhabi to do promotional work for WWE.

– The Charlotte Observer has profiled songwriter Mark Crozer, who created Bray Wyatt’s WWE theme music. Wyatt himself discovered the song on a licensing-for-TV website. It was originally titled, “Broken Out In Love” but WWE bought the rights and named the song, “Live In Fear.” Bray commented on the theme:

“As soon as I heard the bass line of this one, a spark happened. It was magic. He was able to capture a mood in a melody. The mood is very eerie. The song and Bray Wyatt come together so well because Bray is an enigma.”

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  • fj2305

    Currently its my favourite theme in the WWE…

    • YM5

      its rare the best theme in the company isn’t a Jim Johnston production, but that is definitely the case right now

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