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The Miz Talks About His WWE Debut, Getting Into Wrestling & More

The Miz recently spoke with Red Carpet Crash while promiting his upcoming movie The Marine 3: Homefront. Here are some highlights from the interview.

What made him want to get into wrestling: “My entire life has been on TV, in a way. And you know what’s cool? The uh, the fact that people saw the dream right from the beginning. Like, when I was on The Real World, before the Real World, I didn’t think I could do anything besides go to college, after college go back to Parma, Ohio, you get a family, you get a job, and that’s what you do for the rest of your life. And, once I got on The Real World, it made me realize that I could do anything I wanted. So I went back to Parma, I looked myself in the mirror, I remember looking at myself in the mirror and like right next to me on the shelf was a Rock, The Rock, action figure. And I was like, “What do you want to do with your life?” and I saw the thing and I was like, “I’ve always loved WWE, I want to be a WWE superstar.” So I moved to Los Angeles, started training in the independents while doing all those challenges that everyone saw. And at the challenges I was like, “I’m the Miz, I’m the Miz! WWE…can you look me up?”

What his WWE debut was like: “For a year I was in developmental territory, until I was debuted in Portland, Oregon at the Rose Garden Center as the host of Friday Night Smackdown. They wanted me to be the Ryan Seacrest of the WWE. And I was like, you know growing up as a kid, watching Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan, I never dreamed of wanting to be the Ryan Seacrest of the WWE. But, you know what, I’ll take whatever I can get.”

How he was treated once he made it to Smackdown: “The fans hated me, because WWE is like a fraternity. The locker room hated me. Nobody liked me because I was from a reality show, and I had to earn respect. And that’s what I set out to do. I set out to earn respect from not only the WWE Universe, not only the locker room, but everybody. And uh, everyone said I’d be fired within three months. Here I am today, sitting in front of you, 2013, a person that’s main evented Wrestlemania, has been WWE Champion, 2 time United States Champion, Intercontinental Champion, 4 time Tag Team Champion, 2 Time Slammy Award Winner, and now starring in a WWE Studios film, The Marine 3 Homefront.”

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  • Miz reminds me of Randy Orton. For the first few years of his career he was very immature, cocky, and just full of himself. Now as he grows older he becomes more mature and humble much like randy has done since late 2009. Miz started maturing right when he turned face, just like Orton If u actually think of it, they’re a lot alike. And I think both are a lot more likeable now as opposed to the beginning of their careers

    • Chelsii

      Orton has grown up? I must’ve missed that part.

      • Really? You must be new here then…

        • Chelsii

          Orton hasn’t grown up.

          • Says who? You? Last time I checked he looks a legit cool dude, at least from what I read from his fellow workers right now aside of Kelly Kelly, but even her said that he talked to her and apologized.

            But I guess he’s a schmuck because he took some pain killers. Damn you Orton, you need to be in pain, or else you are an immature idiot and a drug addict.

          • Chelsii

            I don’t care about pain killers. Whilst I have no problem with him being in pain, here’s a few things you overlook all the time. He never puts anyone over, several times he’s acted out of character and unprofessionally on live TV, he’s a sh!t stirrer like you mentioned about Kelly Kelly (You think he cares? So what if he said sorry?), doesn’t seem to hold his personal life together very well (Mistress and child), he gets to have like 5 suspensions and still be on payroll where others were fired, he gets someone else punished because he landed on his sorey worey shoulder awww. Didn’t you say just the other day something about all the top guys are pricks? Stop being retarded and annoying.

          • You are just a troll… If you go on Twitter and/or read some interviews that the guy does you see that he actually cares about his family in fact that’s the only thing he talks about on Twitter. He got suspended three times, twice because he had his share of demons (drugs and shitting in someone’s bag). The last time was for medical reasons. Randy Orton has lost clean to almost ten different guys since he moved to SmackDown.

            Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Kane at WrestleMania

            Hell I think Cody Rhodes has a clean victory over Orton.

            If you believe that Anderson was fired because of Orton you are delusional. If anything he would have been demoted like The Miz was just because CM Punk didn’t like the fact that he had main evented a WrestleMania and he didn’t.

          • Chelsii

            10 clean losses in almost 2 years? Don’t tell me that’s not bs.

  • Miz is awesome! Like his attitude and like how he set out to do what he wanted.

  • I have more respect for guys like Miz and Punk that always wanted to be nothing but WRESTLERS than I do for guys like Orton and Cena that became wrestlers because they failed at their first choices.

    • I think that’s unfair, Miz didn’t want to be a wrestler since he was a kid. He wants to be on TV, and he couldn’t care less if it is in the WWE or in Cougar Town.

      CM Punk couldn’t do anything else either, he dropped out of school. I mean, he could have started a band if he could sing I guess.

      Cena went to college, he’s the smartest of them all. He did what he wanted to do, but you know that a body builder isn’t something that makes a lot of money right? He went for something related with sports so I’m pretty sure he fullfilled his dream as well.

      Orton is just stupid, I mean the guy wanted to be a militar and he didn’t fail. He quit, that’s different and if anything wrestling is in his genes more than the other three mentioned so he probably loves what he does right now.

      • Chelsii

        Doing College Football doesn’t make you smart at all. Stop being such a damn Cena mark.

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