The Rock Replies to Stephanie, Sean Waltman Hospitalized This Weekend

- Sean Waltman was injured on Saturday night in Jerry Lynn’s retirement match for the Heavy On Wrestling promotion in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Waltman left the show and attended the after-party for about an hour until he had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital because he wouldn’t stop bleeding. Waltman had surgery on Sunday morning and was doing better Sunday afternoon, according to Here is a photo of Waltman in the hospital from Alicia Webb’s Facebook page:

Waltman in Hospital

- Stephanie McMahon congratulated The Rock on winning the “Favorite Male Buttkicker” Nickelodeon Kids Choice award this weekend. The WWE Champion replied:

“@StephMcMahon @wwemoms Thanks Steph! All thanks to years of me kickin your husbands butt. (Actually he beat me more) #DamnSemantics ;)”

  • Rg41982

    No rock he kicked ur butt but you always had his number.

  • kun24

    love the history they have

  • Rob

    So he partied for over an hour with a bleeding assshole?

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