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The Rock Sends Congrats to Cena, HHH’s New Shirt, Ambrose Action Figure and More

– released the following video revealing that Dean Ambrose will be the first member of The Shield to get an action figure and more news:

– WWE’s shop website has released the new Triple H “Tremble Before The Hammer” t-shirt that he wore on last night’s RAW:

HHH New Shirt

– WWE Champion The Rock congratulates John Cena on his big win over CM Punk last night via Twitter:

“Congrats John.. Its official: Wrestlemania 29 @WWE Heavyweight Champion The Rock vs @JohnCena Greatness vs Redemption #BringIt”

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  • Rob

    Anyone wanna bet the rock didn’t even watch the match last night?

  • Chelsii

    Wrestlemania 29 is going to be so boring.

    • Anonymous Raw GM

      i agree.. adding a Taker match will make it even more boring.. especially since he’s out of shape now..

      • Chelsii

        He still wrestles better than Dwayne.

        • Anonymous Raw GM

          when he finishes his 10 minute walk to the ring everyone dozes off. Much like Kevin Nash. Atleast his “klicks” keep me awake. And he barely has anything left in his tank and wait he does not even have a proper buildup to his WM Match.
          Zero buildup, so why would anyone who was so hypocritical of the less buildup to the Rock-Cena WM match want to cheer for Taker-Junk match when there hasnt been any rivalry built for them either?

          • Chelsii

            There’s nearly 6 weeks for them to build it, moron.

          • Anonymous Raw GM

            ohh iirc cena and rock had atleast 4 weeks of buildup too before WM.

          • Hawkins


          • SdotC

            When was the last time Rock took a chair shot to the head, a powerbomb onto steel steps, or did a flying dive over the top rope? Yeah, I think Taker is doing better than Rock, especially considering he’s 10 years older. Even the biggest Rock fan can admit that Taker is a better wrestler, I myself being a far bigger Rock fan, so stop being a stupid mark and/or annoying-as$ troll.

          • Anonymous Raw GM

            when was the last time your dumbass realized that chairshot to the head is not allowed in today’s WWE? And so is the piledriver and a host of other moves. And the only troll around here is you who does not even understand what today’s WWE stipulations are. Dumbass

    • CMmox

      It’s going to be named Rematches Special…

  • Jordan Legacy

    I wish we could have a heel in the Rock/Cena build to WM. Either one. I don’t care. It would be new and different from last years build. I would rather see Cena take the heel role rather than Rocky, but If they turn Rock heel, hell at least it will be different..

    But who am I kidding? The WWE won’t turn either of them heel at this point with Rocky being a big positive draw and Cena being for the kids. I just wish this Rock vs Cena could be different.