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The Rock’s WWE Future Revealed, Preview for His New Show, Rey Mysterio

– The Rock hyped The Hero via Twitter:

“America will vote.. #TheHero As host/producer Im excited to bring you this show! Check it out…”

– According to Rey Mysterio’s Twitter, he’s on vacation in Hawaii this weekend. Rey is expected to work this week’s WWE TV tapings.

– WWE Champion The Rock has committed to working next year’s WrestleMania 30 event. Rock’s current run is expected to end in April as he will be heading off to Hungary and Croatia to film Hercules.

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  • The Last Redcoat

    I don’t really understand the hate for The Rock, sure he isn’t the same as he was 10 years ago for a number of reasons. But he was one of the best ever, he can come back and go as much as he wants – he’s earned it just like several other stars.

    He’s had a legitimate successful life outside of Professional Wrestling, that we should be proud of. He’s our boy.

    I love CM Punk too, but it was right, business wise and storyline wise to drop the title to The Rock. Besides, this is probably the last time The Rock will ever hold a title again, so enjoy it. I just hope Wrestlemania 30 will be Brock/Rock, seeing as Brock Lesnar is signed through Wrestlemania 31.

    • GN-0015

      The only gripe I have against The Rock is that he takes the WWE title from a current guy. The likes of Jericho and Lesnar, they returned and put the current guys over. Rock returned and made Punk, R-Truth and The Miz look like nothing.

      Jericho returned in 2008 and put Orton over (albeit with JBL’s interference), he put Punk over last year, and Lesnar did the same with John Cena at Extreme Rules.

      Other than that, I respect The Rock for being one of the top guys from the Attitude Era, and being one of the greatest of all time.

      • The Last Redcoat

        That’s Jericho though, not everyone who comes back every now and again has to put someone over. This angle with The Rock’s return has been boiling up for two years. No one else at the time was deserving or acceptable storyline wise than The Rock. I have no problem with them giving him the title, it breaks the hot potato Cena has been playing for the last three years.

        • DoingMaThing

          Finally someone who gets it. Thank you

          • Chelsii

            You practically worship him as if no one else can come close to his level as well as blatantly disregarding facts.

          • DoingMaThing

            You are just copying what i’ve said to you countless times Chelsii.

            You worship Punk as if he’s perfect or best in the whole world and everyone who disagrees is a “retard” to you.

            I don’t worship Rock, i’m just a loyal fan of his. I will never get mad at him for doing something “wrong” or whatever. Rock has yet to do something that i would consider wrong.

            You need to stop disrespecting him. Disrespecting him is almost like disrespecting Undertaker. It’s just something you shouldn’t do.

          • IamDaniella

            He’s a scrawny little thing! The Rock TOWERS over his @ss!

          • Rob

            Two annoying cunts are never better then one.

          • IamDaniella

            Cunt? really? I’ve never spoke to you like that! Thats low.. It’s my opinion!

          • DoingMaThing

            Exactly. You and Chelsii aren’t better then one

          • Chelsii


          • IamDaniella


        • Richie Herlinger

          The Rock being champion takes away from guys who have been busting their asses for the company day in and day out while he was out living it up shooting movies! Guys like Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler DESERVE that title WAY more than the Rock does! I hate to even say this, but even Cena would have more right being champion…at least he is there every week working his ass off for the fans weather they love him or hate him!

          • Anonymous Raw GM

            The ROck was the one who built the SMackdown show in the first place. If it wasnt for guys like him back in the 90’s there would be no WWE dumbass.. The Rock busted his ass to accomplish what he has in the ring.

            Oh and what’s “Weather”?

      • DoingMaThing

        Dude…Brock Lesnar didnt put anyone over. Cena doesnt need to be put over. Losses doesnt hurt Cena’s status.

        You can’t blame The Rock for wanting to accomplish more before he starts putting over people.

        He will lose to Cena at WM 29 and will lose to more people i believe in the future.

      • Lcljbrm Fitz

        from a curent guy. no u mean cm punk.he had it for 400+ days and not once did he put anyone over. hes greedy.the rock loves the biz

        • Y2J

          Watch Punk’s Jan 7th promo, he put D-Bryan, Brodus Clay, Tyson Kidd and I think other over. You don’t have to drop the title to someone to put them over.

        • GN-0015

          So are you suggesting that all champions should lose at their first title defense to put over the challenger? The Rock is a real superstar, not a typical WWE superstar. He’s a living legend. CM Punk needed to win against The Rock so he could legitimize his reign and his career.

          His reign started well with victories over Del Rio, Jericho and Daniel Bryan, but every time he went against top faces, he had to rely on technicalities and screwy finishes to retain his title. Like when he drew with Cena at NOC, he technically didn’t lose the match and the title because it was a draw.

          At HIAC, he beat Ryback with a screwy finish. At Survivor Series, The Shield saved him from losing the title when Ryback was close to win it. It was a no DQ match so technically he wasn’t cheating.

          That’s not how you book a good champion because that way you’re making your champion look weak. Also you have to remember that when he was the champion, for most of the time he wasn’t booked as a PPV main eventer. He only main evented PPVs when he fought Cena or when Cena wasn’t around like HIAC 2012 and TLC 2011.

          • Richie Herlinger

            Those “screwy finishes” were a part of something called “storylines” which Punk has no control over! He was just doing what he was told, how the creative team wrote it out! And PUNK and the title SHOULD have been the main event at EVERY PPV…but Vince seems to think Yawn Cena is more important than the company itself!

          • GN-0015

            Notice that I mentioned the word “booked”. That’s the problem. He wasn’t booked strong for the most part of his reign. You’re not going to get your champion over with the larger (casual) audience if he isn’t booked correctly.

          • Richie

            Your looking at it wrong! When Punk was a face, he won all of his matches clean…but as a heel, the audience expects the cheating and shady tactics….its one of the main ways to get a heel character over…so he was actually booked right considering all those screwy finishes were when he was a heel!

      • Danny Morgan

        ok well 10 years ago the rock put angle over, jericho over, brock over and goldberg over
        but i get what ur saying, it would be good if in the future punk beats the rock, im guessing cena is hitting that one first, then we might see in the coming years rock putting more current guys over

      • mrlaw

        I disagree with saying Miz, Truth and Punk look like nothing.. Miz and Truth headlined a major pay per view thanks to The Rock. Punk, who was champion for nearly 2 years, doesn’t need putting over. He headlined a pay per view with The Rock. Just that alone makes him a major star. It’s not always about wins and losses.

      • Anonymous Raw GM

        so let’s get this straight.
        Y2J returned in 08 and put Orton over. Wait wasnt Orton already put over by Evolution and HBK feuds back in the day?
        Secondly Brock putting over Cena. Really? Does Brock need to put over Cena? At this point of Cena’s career does anyone need to put over Supercena? Are you out of your mind?
        Thirdly if everyone comes and jobs to youngsters they will lose their credibility as top stars. The Undertaker for instance doesnt even make a Raw appearance these days but he gets his WM appearance bookmarked for no apparent reason without even a half assed buildup. When was the last time Taker put over Someone? Cant remember? exactly. The Rock, SCSA, Taker were the top stars of an era. They won’t be made to look humble to put over young talents. That’s why midcarders from that era come back. Thats why Regal is still working there.

        • GN-0015

          I don’t like Cena’s character too. But I try to put myself in the company’s position here.

          Cena is the face of the company and is the top draw. Brock Lesnar has already legitimized himself when he became UFC Heavyweight Champion. He beat the legendary Randy Couture for the title. With that, people already look at Lesnar as a legitimate tough guy so with Cena beating him, you’re putting your top guy ahead of a real star. Cena has been infamous for being SuperCena (like you said) but if Cena lost to Lesnar, it made all the people that Cena has beaten clean, and those who couldn’t beat him despite using dirty tricks look even more inferior.

          About The Undertaker. Do you think the streak should end? I’m a bit torn with this. It’d be great for the career of the guy ending the streak but it’s too risky for them to do it. Like if the guy had to retire due to injury like Edge did, it’d be quite a waste. But let me remind you that Undertaker JOBBED CLEAN to VLADIMIR KOZLOV on Smackdown. Granted that it wasn’t a PPV main event, but still.

          • Anonymous Raw GM

            And where is Kozlov today? And how long back was that anyway? Taker hasnt put over any young talent in the last 4 years as far as i can remember.. He’s been only wrestling the accomplished guys just like the Rock is doing now. Doesnt make him any different than Taker. And i dont give a rat’s ass about Taker’s streak because well it is predictable .. even more than the Rocky-Cena II match. Yet nobody complains .. weird isnt it?

    • jcice13

      as a long time rock fan I have to say that I am od’d on him, it’s the same old act same old story, he was the great one but now he’s just a guy who comes back now and then and does the same old thing, if I was a newer viewer I would like it but being a long time fan?? I personally had enough, and even though he beat cena last year I still could care less but it was nice to see john boy lose unfortunately I think he gets his win back at would be cool though if rock won again cause I am not a big cena fan at all

    • Richie Herlinger

      The Rock has not “earned” anything since he left the WWE! He returned and was HANDED a title shot at the Royal Rumble! He didn’t have to win a #1 contenders match or anything like most everyone else has to! The problem with the Rock being champion is that he is not a full time wrestler! He wants to come and go as he pleases for his movie schedule, which is understandable, but HE should understand that by not being available for WWE full time, he is in no position to be their champion! The champion SHOULD be someone who can be available like a Punk, or a Daniel Bryan! Look at Chris Jericho…he can not be available on a full time basis, so what is he doing…PUTTING GUYS OVER…and he is happy doing it! And Jericho is a far better wrestler than the Rock!

      • Anonymous Raw GM

        oh grade-A idiota. The ROck being champ helps the company get more eyes which is good for the business in multiple ways. Look at the ratings for the Raw post his Title Win and you have your answer! The Rock has already put over many people in his prime than Y2j has put over recently so get your facts straight!

  • DoingMaThing

    I expect The Great One to be inducted into the HOF next year. He deserves it damn it

    • Chelsii

      Only intelligent thing to come out of your brain in recent history.

      • DoingMaThing

        No…you mean it’s the only thing you can agree. I always make sense when i speak but you hate me so much that your brain tells you to dislike my comment.

        • Chelsii

          No, I meant it’s the only intelligent thing to come out of your brain in recent history. Stop twisting my words to what you want to read, punk.

          • DoingMaThing

            I’m not a punk you Punktard. It’s not the only intelligent thing i’ve said. I sometimes make more sense than you do.

          • Chelsii

            Unlikely, but ok.

          • DoingMaThing

            Very likely actually. You just love disagreeing with me.

          • Y2J

            Punktard… Good one -_- (sarcasm buddy)

    • Opie Taylor

      Also Lita for Next Year’s Hall of Fame!

      • DoingMaThing

        I hope so!

  • unc4life15

    The main reason you give The Rock the title is because of how much publicity he can bring to WWE over this next month going into Wrestlemania.
    CM Punk held the WWE title 434 days, and half of us wanteed him to hold it even longer. He is beyond ‘over’ and him losing the title doesn’t hurt him.
    The Rock has like 4 movies coming out between now and May I think. So it only makes sense that while Rock becomes the man in hollywood for the spring, he is carrying the WWE title with him. Instant main stream publicity for Wrestlemania season.

  • Brock Lesnar

    Great stuff, glad to hear the rock is standing by his word and sticking around when possible, big rock fan but he doesnt need to be involved with the title picture, he had his time in the late 90’s and early 2000’s

  • Rg41982

    I’m glad the rock will be back. He can be doing just about any thing in the world but he is entertaining us. Kudos for the great one.

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