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The Wyatt Family Works WWE Event, NXT Star Gets Married, More

– Former WWE developmental talent Krissy Vaine got married to NXT star Conor O’Brian on Thursday. Here’s a photo from Krissy’s Facebook:

Krissy and Conor

– The WWE NXT Title was defended at last night’s WWE live event in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. NXT Champion Bo Dallas defeated Leo Kruger to retain the title. The match was described as most boring of the night.

– The Wyatt Family was in action at last night’s live event in Ft. Lauderdale. In the past, it has been just Bray Wyatt working main roster events but he had Erick Rowan and Luke Harper with him last night. Bray cut a bizarre promo before beating R-Truth in a squash match. It was noted that Rowan was wearing the sheep mask that he’s been wearing in the RAW vignettes.

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  • CMmox

    LOL He looks funny XD

    BTW What do you expect from a boring wrestler? Not being a boring champion with boring matches? I hope Graves takes the title soon.

    • Jason Todd

      Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

      I think they’ll give Graves & Kassius the NXT tag titles. I think they’re pushing Mason Ryan for the NXT title. Sami Zayn should get it, Neville should have it too but I think he’s being brought up too.

  • FordOLoads

    I really don’t see anything in Bo Dallas. He’s boring.

  • Like i’ve said before, Bo Dallas simply is boring, not John Cena boring or Orton boring (Well Orton is OK. Since i enjoy his matches that aren’t that predictable ) But Yeah, Bo Dallas is boring, his wrestling skills aren’t too good. Never really liked the guy, no matter how much he tries; He just doesn’t have it, he doesn’t interest me at all. Generic arm drags, a bad looking spear, a awful weak looking finisher. ( Arm whipped powerslam ) And his matches aren’t really good to watch at all, and half the time i just fall asleep or just skip through his matches. I don’t know why they’re pushing this guy so much when his matches aren’t even good to watch at all. No matter what they just keep trying to push a guy who isn’t good at all, he’s beginning to become like Cena keep trying to push this guy sooooooo much even though they aren’t good at all. Hopefully he’ll drop the title to Pac, a guy who actually deserves that title and push.

    • CMmox

      I agree, either him or Graves. Imagine matches like Graves (who is more like a tweener I think) vs Neville or Sami Zayn.

      • Martin Lennon

        I don’t see anything for Graves in WWE….He makes CM Punk look like Big E


    Yeah bo Dallas needs to go somewhere cause he is horrible. the real champion in my opinion should be kassius ohno

  • Ya Boy J Black

    I don’t know why Bo Dallas is getting this huge push. He just seems way too ordinary. He seems like the type that needs a group to be a apart of.

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