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Thursday’s Impact Wrestling Rating Is In

Thursday’s Impact Wrestling episode scored a 0.87 cable TV rating, down from the previous week’s 0.93 rating.

Impact averaged 1.019 million viewers, down eight percent from last week week.

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  • Junaid


  • PlanoStu

    Truly sad. As someone whos lost a business and alot of money, I can relate. Ya start doing crazy things thinking you cant give up and that something might work. Dixie really needs to just give it up. Either that or Spike has to.

    • Damian Starr

      ‘Failing’ businesses such as TNA need to play safer rather than take the stupid risks Dixie took? I often wonder whether wrestling companies take any notice of the IWC, surely that is a simple way to think of how to innovate a product

      • PlanoStu

        Not sure I agree with you. Vince is a smart guy and has made billions. What we think might make sense DOESN’T or shouldn’t matter. Its his money. The only time he might listen is when he hears crickets in the arenas.

        • Damian Starr

          I meant that TNA might benefit from it

  • jcice13

    good solid rating

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