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Title Match Set for SmackDown, Zack Ryder Loses His WWE US Title

– Jack Swagger became the new WWE United States Champion on tonight’s RAW Supershow after he defeated Zack Ryder. Ryder was selling the attack from Kane last week.

– Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Title was announced for this week’s SmackDown, taping tomorrow night in Las Vegas.

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  • Kyle

    With the title changes at the house show and and tonight on Raw, I think the list of champions is looking good. All they need to do is put the strap on back on Henry.

  • broski #1

    i dont see it happening. its basically guna be some type of interference again proly n bryan will be champ still. predictable lol

  • kosher

    thank god ryder lost the US title…he was a shit champion anyways

  • Spence

    @kosher: Not the champ, it’s the booking. You’re actually excited about a Swagger title run? Look how bad WWE fucked up the last one!

  • Joe

    @Kyle: still need to get rid of the super boring IC champ

  • Mikey

    @Spence: They messed it up reportedly because of his backstage behavior, thus it was a humbling. Now almost 2 years later, I am more faithful of this reign. For one, this came after he wrestled the freaking WWE Champion last week. He won it in a period where Ryder is popular, Vickie is with him, and it’s months away from Wrestlemania. This makes me think he will have a decent spot at Wrestlemania, especially with Vickie by his side. Congratulations to Swagger, I was thinking of him winning, moreso than Ryder losing.

    On another note, Daniel Bryan has to be the best wrestler in the world, as far as in the ring is concerned. He happened to have two great matches with Big Show on SD, featuring his great wrestling skill and storytelling ability. It’s important to highlight that because Big Show isn’t known popularly for having great matches. Add Mark Henry, who had great matches with Bryan months ago. Now, with Mark Henry’s condition, he’s practically in safe hands with the world heavyweight champion. It will only get better if he keeps the world title and heads to the likes of Orton and Sheamus.

  • Kyle

    @Joe: I have VERY high hopes for Cody. I think he’s the one thing WWE has down to the tee. I see him holding the IC title for the better half of the year before dropping it; only to get a bigger push. i.e Dolph Ziggler

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