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TLC Promo Released, Damien Sandow Interview, Is Ryback Ready?

– Damien Sandow refused to reveal if Cody Rhodes would be able to wrestle at this Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view during an interview with Brian Soscia. You can check out the interview embedded below.

– WWE posted the trailer for the Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view online. The promo features David Otunga and Sheamus.

– WWE published an article asking if Ryback is ready for The Survivor Series this Sunday.

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  • Mick

    Ryback’s not even ready to be in the main event, let alone Survivor Series. He essentially skipped the middle level of a push known as the midcard. Rather than going from squashing jobbers to the midcard, where he’d have longer matches (generally he still doesn’t, and the HIAC one was not a good indication of how he goes in long matches), he jumped right to the main event. I know it was due to Cena’s elbow, but dammit man.

    Feed Me Less.

  • Izo

    FAILBACK. Guy belongs on superstars with Khali. He has an arsenal of 4 moves of a doom that make Cena look like D. Bryan in the ring. What did his HIAC match show? The exact same 4 moves of doom just done at a 10x slower pace to rack up the time, failback is boring outside of his feed me more chant which would serve better as advertisement for subway than wrestling.

  • matthew

    I can’t stand ryberg and his stupid marching and all the sheep fans Feed me more baaaaa give me a break.

  • Jay

    This comments made me laught bc the same people were chanting feed me more few weeks ago when ryback attacked punk

    Fake fans smd

  • rob

    Never liked Ryback and never will … sorry

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